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Month: July 2015

Business Advice for Startups: Why Your eCommerce Website Needs Telephone Support
We all live in a digital world these days and knowing terms like: “mobile marketing” or “increasing conversion rates” can make or break a business in 2015. If you are starting your eCommerce business and are researching whether or not to have telephone support available, this article is for you. Our Business Advice for Startups is to
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Business Advice for Startups: Does my startup need a receptionist?
Business Advice for Startups: Does my startup need a receptionist? Are you are a modern entrepreneur that has just started a new business or are in the initial research phase of how to build a long-lasting business? You found this article, “Business Advice for Startups,” because you have a specific lingering question that you can’t
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Air Conditioning Answering Services Will Save a Customers Day
Air Conditioning Answering Services Will Save a Customer’s Day  A Courteous Communications’ headquarters have been located in Orlando, Florida since 1986. We know a thing or two (or three) about urgent phone calls from hot customers needing immediate HVAC services and repairs. We supply many HVAC technicians with air conditioning answering services that include:  24 hour telephone
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A Courteous Communications Honored with ATSI Award of Excellence- 3 Years in a Row
Another Customer Service Win for the Award Winning Call Center The ATSI Award of Excellence goes to a trusted Virtual Receptionist team, A Courteous Communications. ORLANDO, FL – A Courteous Communications receives the ATSI Award of Excellence for the third consecutive year for their 24 hour call center services. The Association of TeleServices International(ATSI) holds annual competitions amongst
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