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General FAQ’s

Who answers my business telephone calls?

Our virtual receptionists are real people!

The team here at A Courteous Communications works from our 24 hour call center located in Orlando, Florida.

Is there an annual contract with your answering service?

Here at A Courteous Communications, we never require our business owners to sign annual contracts. We offer month to month services and only ask that you give us a 30 day cancellation notice. If you are conducting a marketing campaign or need us for temporary seasonal high call volumes, let us know during your free initial consultation and we will work with you every step of the way.

How long has A Courteous Communications offered telephone answering services for businesses?

We first opened our doors in 1986; that’s over 30 years of experience you can rely on and trust.

We are in the top ten percent in our industry when it comes to longevity.

What is the turnaround time from receiving the message and dispatching the message to the appropriate department, employees or on-call service professionals?

After your initial consultation with a representative from our team, we can better ascertain your needs and therefore, provide the best time-saving solutions.

Some of our clients prefer to have their messages held in a private mailbox so that someone can be appointed to review the messages. Other clients want us to text them their messages and their caller contact information, etc. While others prefer that we email all messages to a specific point of contact or customer relations manager.

Let’s discuss your current staffing size, software and technological components with your estimated call volumes so we can best serve you and your business answering needs.

How does your 24 hour call center schedule appointments on my calendar?

Our agents are specifically trained in a variety of different appointment setting and calendar software and programs. Whether you have a gmail calendar; an online calendar that you authorize us to access; or if you use online appointment setting software, we can handle it.

During your initial consultation, let our specialist know which calendar program you currently use and learn how we can adapt to your needs.

How do the virtual office receptionists answer my business lines?

Our virtual receptionists handle your telephone lines according to your exact specifications. During your initial consultation with a representative of our award winning answering service, we will walk you through a questionnaire so we can better help you serve your customers. We will help you develop a script for your callers and train our agents to answer your lines the way you instruct.

Do you have bilingual virtual receptionists available for my business calls?

Many of our receptionists are bilingual! We have members of the team who are fluent in both English and Spanish.

Why should I outsource my business telephone lines to your answering service?

Basic Answer: Time is Money.

If we can free up some of you or your staff’s workloads, we can save you hours of work each day. Think about your current workday and what you would be able to get accomplished with 3 or more hours A DAY! By allowing our answering service to free up your schedule, you have the ability to devote more time to what you do best. Allow us –experts in the telecommunications industry– to do what we do best; which is answer your lines with our friendly, professional and highly skilled 24 hour telephone agents.

The other money making part of retaining our virtual receptionist and telephone message taking services is that you have the ability to be open for new customers 24 HOURS A DAY, 7 DAYS A WEEK! On average, how many calls do you miss each week? How many of those missed callers were potential customers seeking to buy your products or services? Think about all that money, each week, being lost to your competitors because they answered their business phones when the customer needed them to.

How do I get my company information to your virtual office receptionists?

During your initial consultation, we will gather all the necessary information needed to begin training our virtual receptionists to answer your business telephone calls. At that time, we will collect your custom procedures and company information; such as:

• Business Hours, Location, Website and General Email Addresses of Staff
• Answers to Your Customers’ Frequently Asked Questions
• Requested Greetings and Closings of All Your Business Calls
• On-Call Personnel Contact Lists for Emergencies and Service Calls
• Script Creation for Voicemail Greeting Prompt Services

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