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HVAC Answering Service

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Allow yourself to cool down with our HVAC Answering Service!! 

A Courteous Communications’ HVAC Answering Service has been helping professionals in your industry for almost 30 years. We know your business and how your air conditioning and heating business operates through the changing seasons. If there is a snow storm, our virtual receptionists are available to answer your ringing service calls from customers day or night, rain or shine. If there a major heatwave, which we understand all too well with corporate offices in Orlando, we can attend to your calling customers that are in need of immediate service and repair.


• Answering Your Service Industry Business Telephone Calls & Promptly Delivering Messages After-Hours and Weekends
• Screening and Dispatching Emergency Air Conditioning and Heating Service Calls 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week
• Scheduling Your Appointments, Estimates and Annual Services Using Your Calendar
• Providing a Customer Service Hotline for Multiple Locations and Air Conditioning and Heating Specialists  

We answer millions upon millions of service calls each year for our valued customers and have been dispatching after-hour services since 1986; that’s nearly 30 years of experience you can trust. Our virtual office receptionists can also assist you if you are a mobile business that just has a telephone contact number. Being an air conditioning and heating specialist while owning your company, as you know, has its definite downfalls when it comes to administrative support. Our HVAC answering services allows you to focus on what you do best: working with cooling and heating systems; while we focus on what we do best: speaking with customers over the telephone.

Is your business line ringing off the hook at inopportune times because you offer 24 hour services? Allow us to not only answer that call for you, but also screen and evaluate the lead before dispatching the heating and cooling repair service to you. This way, when your business phone rings late at night or on the weekend, you know you are about to make some money and you have a sale lined up.

Our HVAC Answering Service can dispatch emergency calls 24/7

What happens if there is an after-hour a/c or heating unit emergency and your potential lead calls you but you are unable to answer your business line? You lose that customer to the next 24-hour a/c and heating company in line. With services as low as $10 a month, you can’t afford to go without our 24 hour call center answering your lines on your terms. Our emergency dispatching service are available around the clock and you can customize how and when you would like your call and messages delivered.

Give us a call and find how cost effective a HVAC Answering Service can be for your business. We promise you will never miss a call or a potential lead again. Calculate the return on that investment!