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Custom Phone Answering Services

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Here at A Courteous Telephone Answering Service, we provide custom phone answering services for all of our valued clients. When you sign up with our award winning answering service, you are signing up for an extension of your office through our highly trained virtual receptionists. Custom phone answering services can range from specific days and times we answer your business telephones to how we dispatch your service and emergency calls to on-call personnel.

Custom Phone Answering Training for All Accounts

You are reading this correctly, we train all of our virtual receptionists to answer your business lines according to your exact specifications. Since we offer a multitude of 24 hour telephone answering services, we have weekly operator meetings to discuss new accounts that we provide telephone support to. Our training specialist will apply all of the requested greetings, answers to frequently asked questions, scheduling procedures and message taking and dispatching methods of our new clients in the agent training schedules.

Some of our clients that are located here in Central Florida invited our virtual receptionists to their businesses to learn more about who they will be answering the telephone lines for. A recent new account of ours is a hot air balloon company. They invited their team of office virtual receptionists to experience a ride in their hot air balloons so that our operators knew firsthand of the service being offered.

What does custom phone answering mean for your business?

In short, we answer your business telephone lines exactly how you would train your in-house staff to handle your business calls. We provide you a virtual office receptionist that feels and speaks as if he or she were in your very own front office. Of course hiring us also comes with another perk; the perk of your business having a 24 hour telephone answering service so that you never miss another call again.

During your initial consultation, an account expert will be assigned your business to assist you in building your personalized answering policies and procedures. Click here to request a consultation today!