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Seasonal Telephone Answering Services

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We answer millions of calls each year for our loyal clients and we know exactly how busy your office telephones can be during the holidays. Let us lend you some holiday help.

Our Virtual Receptionists are available around the clock, 365 days a year. Our phones are never turned off; allowing us to ensure that your business never closes. So when you send your staff home during the holidays, rest easy knowing that you are still open for business and making money with our custom seasonal telephone answering services.

If you want to learn how our answering service can help you during the holiday season while you and your staff are on a holiday break or holiday vacation, read on to discover how outsourcing your calls during holidays can be profitable for your business. Scroll down to the answering service topic that best describes your need for seasonal telephone support.

The Best Customer Service from a seasonal telephone answering service

Paid Time Off… Those three words speak volumes to employers and business owners such as yourself. Of course employees deserve holiday pay and paid time off but it must sting just a little knowing that your business is racking up a bill while your phones are off and staff at home. Let us help you help your customers during the busy holiday seasons throughout the year.

Enjoy holiday vacation without worrying about your business line going unanswered. A Courteous Communications has been answering busy holiday telephone lines for over 30 years. You and your employees deserve your holiday break. Let the experts in customer service handle the business while you enjoy your holiday vacation.

A Courteous Communications can help you just when you need it. With no annual contract, you can pick and choose exactly when you would like the help of our services. Many companies see a spike in business during the busy holiday season, and when you are trying to send your employees on their much deserved holiday break, it is only natural to have concern that your business line will go unanswered. I am going to tell you how easy it is to get started and the services we offer to you and your business:

Getting started with our seasonal answering service

A Courteous Communications runs a 24-hour call center, 365 days a year. If you are wondering how we are able to answer your business line through our call center, I will explain exactly how easy it is.

The first step is calling our accounts manager for your free consultation. During your consultation, we are able to help you decide what services will fit your needs best. A questionnaire will be sent to you immediately after your phone consultation. This questionnaire allows A Courteous Communications to customize your account, exactly how you would like it handled. Everything from the way we greet your callers to what time of the day you would like to receive your messages, you make the choices from start to finish.

Now that we have your information, our on-site programmer will build your customized account in the system. The only thing left for you to do is call forward your business line to us. Call forwarding is a feature that is provided by your phone carrier, if you do not already have call forwarding on your line, a quick call to your carrier is all it will take. Call forwarding is easy to do. Here are the basic steps needed to call forward your lines. Please note that these are the most common steps, it is possible that your carrier may have addition instructions for you to complete your call forwarding.

  1. Lift the receiver and listen for the dial tone.
  2. Dial *72 and wait to hear the dial tone again.
  3. Dial the number where you’d like to have your calls forwarded.

If you want to change the “forward to” number, just repeat steps 1-3.

Telephone Answering Services

Now that your telephone lines are forwarded to A Courteous Communications, every time a call comes through to your number, our virtual receptionist greets each caller with your customized answer phrase. You now have 24-hour a day, 365 days a year, access to our award winning answering service.

Retrieving the caller’s name, area code/telephone number, and reason for the call are the three basic questions that we ask each caller. If you do not need this information from your callers, these fields can always be customized to exactly what you need to know. If you want to add additional information fields, this option is on your original client set-up questionnaire.

Are you going to be on-the-go this holiday season? A Courteous Communications has you covered, just forward your line before you head out of the office and pick up your messages whenever you would like to. It is vacation time, why even worry about picking up messages though?

Telephone Messaging Services

A Courteous Communications offers an award winning telephone messaging service. Just tell us what time of the day and how you would like to receive your messages, and we will send them over. Text, email, fax or verbal delivery, again, we have you fully covered. How your messages are delivered and who they are delivered to is completely up to you. If you need to change your delivery method, or who the messages need to be delivered to, just give us a call. The choice is yours; change it daily, or multiple times a day, whatever your delivery needs may be.

Appointment Scheduling Assistants

Many of your callers may not know what days and times your business will be operating through the holidays. Our virtual receptionists will let your callers know exactly when you will be back in business. It doesn’t stop there; we will fill your appointment book based on when you will be back and available for business.

Just send us the information on what date you would like to start setting appointments, and the times you have available, and leave the rest to us. A Courteous Communications will send your upcoming appointments on a schedule, or give them to you verbally whenever you would like to call in for them. Don’t worry, you can get used to this level of customer service, we offer it year-round. So once you fall in love with us during the holidays, you will be able to see the value in outsourcing your appointment scheduling and benefit from our support and assistance all year long.

FAQ’s Telephone Support and Service

We love to help your callers anyway we can. The ability to answer frequently asked questions about your company is a great thing for everyone. Our virtual receptionists are able to deliver superior customer service to your callers by answering their questions. Your callers are fully satisfied with receiving information about your company and this leads to return calls for your business or, even better, a scheduled appointment for you.

How much do you want your callers to know about your company? Just let us know by filling in your questionnaire in the FAQ’s field, and we will inform away.

Lead Delivery Service

No business owner wants a hot lead to become cold, not even when it is blistering cold outside during the holidays. A Courteous Communications can take your calls, deliver your messages and manage your appointment book. You may ask yourself, “What can an answering service do with my hot leads?”

A Courteous Communications will deliver your hot leads to you as they call in. If you’re on vacation or just out of the office for a short break, when your hot lead comes in, we know you want to speak to them right away.

The preferred method for many of our clients with hot leads calling on their business lines is that the caller is patched through to them immediately. Patching a call to you means, we ask the caller to hold for a brief moment while we get you on the line. All you need to do is let us know what number you can be reached at and your hot leads will be patched immediately.

As you’re speaking to your potential client, we can send you their contact information and message via email, text or even fax. Now you have your hot lead on the line and even though you haven’t even hung up the phone, you have their contact information in your database to follow up with later.

If it is not your preference to have leads patched through to you, we can always use one of our message delivery methods instead. Again, you call the shots.

Emergency Dispatching Service

Just because it is the holidays and everyone is off from work does not mean that emergency service will take a vacation as well. Nobody knows this better than our emergency service dispatchers at A Courteous Communications. Plumbing is still going to back up; heaters will certainly go on the frits here; and with holiday trees and lights going up, there will always be electrical emergencies.

A list of your emergency service technicians and their contact information, as well as your on-call schedule, is all that we need to make sure your clients with emergency service needs are taken care of. On-call information can sometimes change multiple times throughout a 24-hour period. When a change to on-call information is needed, our emergency service dispatchers are ready to do just that, 24- hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.

Medical Telephone Answering Service

Not many medical facilities have the same days off during the holidays, this leads to a large amount of calls coming through with questions on when the offices will be opened again for business. While one doctor may be opened the day before the holiday, another doctor’s office may be out for a more extended period of time.

No matter what, a medical emergency can be a life or death situation, and nobody takes medical emergencies more serious than A Courteous Communications. Our elite team of medical field agents have been trained to the highest level, each agent is trained to take medical calls, as well as to dispatch every medical emergency. Once a medical emergency is dispatched, a recall to ensure that the patient, or nurse at the hospital has received a call back from the physician is made. This is emergency medical protocol is followed until we have full confirmation that the doctor has returned the call and the patient’s emergency needs have been addressed.

Reservation and Virtual Hostess Services

Holiday seasons are definitely when the hospitality industry thrive. Families are busy making reservations for their guests and themselves to enjoy an evening dining out. Our reservations and virtual hostess services allow your guest the availability to plan their special events anytime during their busy day.

Our state of the art telecommunications software has the ability to sync up directly with your scheduling assistant software. A Courteous Communications will make your reservations, as well as provide you, your staff and your guests full access for canceling and rescheduling reservations anytime of day. Your staff now has that freed up time needed to plan that special holiday menu for your guests.

Our A-Team of reservation specialists and virtual hostess pride themselves on the ability to add special event notes such as birthdays and anniversaries to reservations. Having a birthday cake arrive at the table without having to pull the server to the side adds that extra special touch that will have your guest coming back for more.

Wake-Up Services

Now that your business is covered for the busy holiday season, you do not want to miss your flight. Let A Courteous Communications wake you up. You can set a weekly wake-up schedule, or change it daily if needed. If sleeping through an alarm is an option for you, I assure you that sleeping through our persistent wake-up services are not.

Spoil yourself year round with our seasonal telephone answering services

A Courteous Communications is available for any holiday. Give yourself and your business the gift of an award winning answering service this year. Call A Courteous Communications TODAY for your free consultation. You deserve to spoil yourself year round. Our 24-hour call center is equipped to do just that.