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Answering Service for Property Management

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Our Answering Service for Property Management can provide around the clock support

A Courteous Communications has been answering telephone lines for Property Managers for over twenty-five years and we know what it takes to get the job done in your time-sensitive and demanding customer service industry. One unanswered call can cost you a year’s worth of rent or, more seriously, a landlord looking to retain your property management services. Can you afford to miss any calls?

If you are a property management company that is at the top level of your industry, chances are you already have a 24 hour telephone answering service amenity. When you are responsible for maintaining and managing both residential and commercial properties, you need to be available at all hours of the day for emergencies that may arise. No matter the time zone of your potential clients, rest assured that A Courteous Communications telephone answering service will see to the needs of your callers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

After your initial consultation with one of our telephone service experts, we will train our team of operators to answer your telephone lines to your exact specifications. You will be assigned an account manager to handle the specific answers to your customers’ frequently asked questions and we will provide those answers as if we were an employee of your property management company. When hiring the telephone answering services that A Courteous provides, you are not just getting a virtual receptionist; you are gaining a new division to your current team. We will work with you and alongside you making sure we treat your current and potential customers with care, kindness and an eagerness to help.

Are you guilty of placing a sign up on your front door or forwarding calls to a voicemail that says, “Showing a property, be back shortly.” How many potential callers do you think you have lost by not answering those inquiries on the first ring? Say you are searching the internet for potential properties that you wish to rent and you are looking to get information then and there. Now, you call the first number that pops up and you get Property Manager X’s voicemail. You really don’t know if you want to do business with Property Manager X just yet; would you be willing to leave your personal telephone number in hopes that they call back on your timetable to answer your questions? Or, would you most likely hang up, and call the next Property Manager that popped up on your Google search? Chances are, you are like 95% of all consumers and you want answers to your questions immediately and therefore, will hang up and go to the next property management company in line. So along these lines, the Property Management Company that answers the phone gets their shot at the business first. Can you afford to allow your phones to ring over to your competitors’ business?

A Property Manager’s job is never done and therefore, A Courteous recommends that you stick all the work that encompasses your demanding job title and leave the telephone answering to our trained, experienced virtual receptionists. Your time is best reserved for meeting and greeting potential renters and landlords; handling the bookkeeping and accounting for your properties; mediating any tenant/landlord disputes; recording and storing appropriate records and contracts; supervising your emergency and maintenance staff; and, marketing your services to new accounts.

Improve your overall customer service support with our answering service for property management

Let A Courteous Communications’ telephone answering operators handle the bulk of your ringing telephones for your commercial and residential lines. We are highly trained in answering the telephone lines for apartment complexes and condominium properties and can service your current and potential customers for you at a fraction of the cost an in-house receptionist would cost your Property Management Company. Give us a call today and see how we can help your management company become more efficient and effective!