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Multilingual Bilingual Call Center Services

In today’s world, it is becoming increasingly important for businesses to be able to converse in languages other than English. While it would be impossible for every business to be able to afford to hire multiple interpreters, every business can easily afford the multilingual/bilingual call center services available through A Courteous Communications. Do not hamper your business because of your inability to communicate with people speaking other languages; rather, with the aid of our virtual receptionists and their supporting language partners, you will be able to extend your business to include other cultures.

Services Available with our bilingual call center services

Even with the language barrier, the multilingual/bilingual call center services make it possible to be able to offer the same services to everyone, no matter their language. Representatives speaking Spanish are available to assist your customers with their questions and needs. Should a customer call and need to speak in a language other than Spanish, representative are able to quickly connect with their language partners and continue the conversation with the assistance of an interpreter.

Benefits of our bilinqual answering services

With multilingual/bilingual call center services you can rest assured that the receptionists will be able to accurately record all of your calls, messages and faxes, despite the language barrier. Save your business the money of hiring an interpreter, or outsourcing to multilingual translators, by choosing to take advantage of the service provided here at A Courteous Communications. With no extra charge for their services, you are still guaranteed to receive all of your phone calls, emails and messages any day of the year, at any time. Experienced virtual recepiuonists will take your calls and record messages, alerting you should the call require immediate attention. As with phone calls, the receptionists will also sort your emails and messages and relay them to you based on your preferences. Notices and information can be sent by email, phone or text message. Safeguard your business by ensuring all your customers will be provided for 24 hour attention.

Not only will the bilingual/multilingual call center services save you money, but by being able to help you communicate in other languages, it can also help you increase your business by enlarging your customer base. No longer will you have to turn away people because of a language barrier. With the aid of the bilingual/multilingual call center services here at A Courteous Communications you will be able to affordably offer the same call center services you provide for English speaking people. Call us today to learn more about our mutilingual services we can provide your business!