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Month: May 2016

Save Your Summer Vacation with a Cell Phone Answering Service
If you’re like most American professionals, you find it incredibly difficult (even impossible) to tear yourself away from work in order to enjoy a vacation. In a recent case study, 77% of American workers admit to working while they’re supposed to be relaxing and taking time off. Why do we put ourselves through the constant stress
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Business Networking Tips: How to Turn Relationships into Revenue Streams
If you’re a proactive business owner or professional, you’ve placed that “Hi, my name is” sticker on your blazer. Networking at business events is more than cashing in your drink ticket, cruising the snack table and standing in a corner waiting for someone to introduce themselves. Understanding the importance and history of networking will allow
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All You Need to Know About Conducting Telemarketing Surveys
When you hear the word “telemarketer,” what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Did you just roll your eyes or exhale in disgust while recalling a telemarketer’s call that interrupted a family dinner? Chances are, you’ve been on the receiving end of an annoying telemarketing call at least once. But the truth is, when
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Small Business Marketing Advice: How to Develop a Social Media Marketing Plan
If you’re a proud #SMBOwner (small to mid-sized business owner), looking to create a simple social media marketing plan, this article is for you. Allow us to share our small business marketing advice that will help you develop a solid marketing plan in 7 easy steps.   Small Business Marketing Advice: Our 7 Easy Steps Step 1:
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Best Business Advice: 5 Jobs a Small Business Owner Should Outsource
All small business owners need help. Some acknowledge they need help, but think they cannot afford it. Other SMB owners have trouble giving up control and choose to work insufferable hours to stay afloat. According to a SMB owner Gallop survey, “57% of small business owners say they work six or more days each week.” To be
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