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Month: March 2015

Virtual Office Receptionists Help You Start a Side Business While Working Your Day Job
Are you trying to start a side business while being employed full-time or are you trying to supplement your current income by running a small startup company? If you are moonlighting, get ready for some intensely long work hours and kiss your weekends goodbye. Juggling these two big commitments is going to be a bumpy
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We Are Your 24 Hour Answering Service During the Holidays
Our 24 hour answering service allow your in-house employees to enjoy the fun of holiday office parties and long weekends. Be the boss that everyone loves when you say, “Transfer the phones to our answering service, it’s party time!” In this fun holiday article, we will discuss how our team of experts can give you and your
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Sensitivity and Compassion While Providing Home Care and Hospice Telephone Support
Our award winning telephone answering service provides 24 hour telephone support for hospice hotlines and other urgent home care facilities. We are standing by, day and night, awaiting the chance to assist your medical centers with the crucial role of providing an answering service that helps your patients in their time of need. When dealing
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24 Hour Answering Service in Orlando Helping Small Businesses
In the ambitious city of Orlando, A Courteous Communications started out as a small business with just one telephone agent. Nearly thirty years later, our Florida-based 24 hour answering service has expanded into other states like California, Tennessee and more. Basically, we know the stresses and hiccups you run into as small business owners and startup companies.
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24 Hour Answering Services and E-Commerce Go Hand in Hand
You may have heard about the buzzwords sweeping the Internet nation: e-commerce or e-commerce marketing. You also may be flooded with questions about how your e-commerce website can benefit from the latest trends being practiced. What is e-commerce exactly? How can 24 hour answering services help my e-commerce website? In this article we focus on getting to the bottom of
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