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Month: March 2016

5 Customers You Are Losing Without an After-Hours Answering Service- Pt.2
As a business owner, you should get into the habit of looking at every incoming call as a potential sale. The ringing of your business telephone should excite you. After all, getting the attention of a new customer is half the battle and if they’re calling, you only have one opportunity to make a great
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Business Growth Strategies to Focus On During Your Slow Season
Are you a seasonal business that is trying to stay afloat until your busy season arrives? Take your downtime to focus on these effective business growth strategies and transform your slow months into lucrative time spent building your business. Our Best Business Growth Strategies and Advice:  Review and Analyze Sales Numbers When there are no customers in
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5 Customers You Are Losing Without an After-Hours Answering Service- Pt.1
Are you a business owner that is still sending consumers to your voicemail? Don’t limit your business’s potential by sending potential and existing customers to an antiquated answering machine. Read on to learn more about 5 types of customers that you are losing by not having an after-hours answering service. How an After-Hours Answering Service can
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Why Customer Service is a 24/7/365 Job
Who killed the 9-5 workday? Is an 8-hour time slot for customer service still accepted? What happens if I ignore customer communication outside of normal business hours? What are normal business hours in 2016? As customer service experts, we have adhered to high customer service standards since opening our answering service in 1986. In this article we
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10 Funny Voicemail Greetings Recorded by Celebrities
There are very few cases in which our telephone answering service would recommend having an antiquated voicemail answer your incoming calls. A Courteous Communications can recommend these 10 recordings for personal use only. Your business callers may not appreciate these voicemail recordings, but your friends and family will surely get a kick out of them.
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