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Business Advice for Startups: Why Your eCommerce Website Needs Telephone Support

Business Advice for Startups: Why Your eCommerce Website Needs Telephone Support

We all live in a digital world these days and knowing terms like: “mobile marketing” or “increasing conversion rates” can make or break a business in 2015. If you are starting your eCommerce business and are researching whether or not to have telephone support available, this article is for you. Our Business Advice for Startups is to be relevant and accessible with your customers who are scrolling for your product or service on their mobile device.

Why you need eCommerce website telephone support

Mobile Marketing Dominating the Internet

According to an interesting article, “9 Mobile Marketing Trends Dominating 2015,” mobile marketing is a $30 billion dollar industry in the United States alone. The mobile marketing spending is expected to hit $65 billion by 2019.

These figures can justify why mobile marketing is so important for your eCommerce website. Your next question may be, “Does my website need an eCommerce call center?” If you are just starting your business or rebranding it, you may be debating whether you need to provide your customers with telephone support.

A Study Encouraging Telephone Support for Businesses

Google wanted to know the ‘role click to call’ had on mobile searches, and whether or not telephone support was important to today’s consumer. IPSOS, an independent market research company, surveyed 3,000 mobile searchers who had recently made purchases and their findings may be surprising for some eCommerce business owners.

Do Mobile Users Even Use Click to Call

According to the independent study, “Click to call is one of the most used features on the mobile search engine results page.”

ISPOS learned, “70% of mobile searchers have used click to call to connect with a business directly from the search engine results page.”  

Nearly three-quarters of mobile searchers have used the click to call feature to reach out to a business. That number is staggering and should definitely answer your question as to if your eCommerce business needs a business telephone number. Having a telephone support number listed on your website or easily accessible to people searching Google with their mobile phones will improve conversion rates.  

Top Reasons Mobile Searchers Call a Business

The number one reason a mobile searcher will bypass your website and decide to call your business is to, “Quickly get an answer or accomplish a goal.” Since customers do everything on the internet these days, it’s hard to imagine that they would prefer to give a quick call to save them the hassle of trying to find the answer on their own. But in fact, nearly 60% of the mobile searchers that were studied would rather make that phone call. Very interesting…

Following closely in second place, 57% of mobile searchers will call a business just because, “they want to speak with a real person.” Businesses that offer voicemail boxes, automated menus and virtual voice attendants are not going to please these mobile searchers. Nothing can replace human-to-human contact; a feature your customers want.

“I have more questions or need more information than a website can answer,” is the third top reason a mobile searcher is going to want to call your business. Don’t you want to be available to answer that call?   

Answering Your eCommerce Business Telephone Lines

By this point in our article, we are hopeful that you see why our business advice for startups includes providing telephone support to your potential customers. Since an eCommerce website has the ability to make money 24 hours a day, your next reasonable question should be, “Well, who is going to answer these phone calls my business gets?”

You can call us eCommerce virtual receptionists or an eCommerce call center, companies like A Courteous Communications act as an extension of your office. First, you train one of our account specialists on how you want your business calls answered. We then train our award winning team of virtual receptionists to provide your business telephone support 24 hours a day.    

How Much Does an Answering Service Cost?

Since you are a startup business, take comfort in knowing that you will be able to afford one of our highly competitive service packages. Our rates start at $19.95 a month and as a thank you for trusting us with your calls, your first 50 calls are completely free.   

According to this extensive survey conducted, 52% of mobile searchers will call your business just to find out your operating hours. Allow our virtual receptionist team to provide answers to frequently asked questions like business hours. When we take care of these incoming calls for you, we are giving you the freedom a business owner needs when just starting out.

Call Us For a Free Consultation

Let’s start you off with a free conversation with one of our account specialists to discuss your business specifically. We never offer annual contracts and give you the flexibility to test us out with month-to-month service packages. Our business advice for startups is to simply give us a call so we can talk, person-to-person, about your business communications and the custom features we can offer.   

Start the conversation, give us a call today at 1 (800) 785-6161 for your free consultation or click hereto research our competitive rates and services.

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