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Answering Service for Office Temp Work

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Our answering service for office temp work can provide you with a variety of benefits

We have modernized the temp agency and can supply you with an answering service for office temp work at a fraction of the cost of an in-house temp! 

A Courteous Communications specializes in answering business telephone calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year! With 24 hour call centers throughout the United Stated, including our large corporate call center right here in Orlando, we can assist you with answering your telephone lines day or night.

If your current receptionist is going away on maternity leave; or if your current receptionist is taking a leave of absence for a predetermined amount of time, allow us to provide you with award winning telephone support. Our virtual receptionists are highly experienced in answering the telephone calls of professional offices and we are just as experienced in taking on temporary jobs with your callers never noticing a difference in customer service.

If you only need temporary assistance with your ringing business telephones, we can help with that too as we do not require an annual contract. Some of our past and current clients have unique “high seasons” and during that time, they need unique high call volume receptionists. We can assist you also with your marketing campaigns; if you know your commercial is going to be aired on television or radio, you want to make sure you have 24 hour telephone coverage so that you never miss a lead generated. A Courteous answering service can help you in your marketing campaigns by assisting you in turning that lead into an appointment on the books.