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Month: August 2016

7 #WorkHacks to Achieve a Successful Work-Life Balance
Are you tired of losing track of time at the office and missing important family dinners? Is your personal life suffering because you work too much and can’t find time to spare for your friends and loved ones? It may be time to consider these 7 #workhacks that can help you have a successful work-life balance.
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Are Your Employees Happy? Ask These 10 Questions and Find Out.
Successful business owners know how important it is to have a happy, engaged and fulfilled staff. Your employees are representatives of your brand and keeping them satisfied should be a top priority for you.  The 10 questions listed in this employee satisfaction survey will give you an intimate look into how your organization treats and caters to
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Digital Machines vs. Live Answering Service Agents
Our live answering service was first established in June of 1986. Three decades have passed and we’ve seen many changes to the way business communications are handled. Thumbing through the yellow phonebook has been replaced with scrolling through internet search results. Brick and mortar foundations have been overshadowed with eCommerce website structures. Squeaky shopping carts have been
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Best Compliments to Hear as a Small Business Owner
Getting a compliment from your customers can make all of the hard work it takes to run a small business completely worth it. Positive feedback is an indication that you’re getting something right and high customer satisfaction scores lead to loyal customers.   Here are some of the best compliments you can hope to receive
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Creative Back to School Tips for Working Parents
You may have enjoyed the summer break just as much as your child. You had a few months of not having to review homework or playing taxi for their heavy extracurricular calendar. Autumn is here and that means school is in session (for the both of you).   So far you’ve managed to get through
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