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Medical Physician Answering Service

Our Physician Answering Service is here for you and your patients 24/7!

As health care professionals know, medical needs don’t always arise at convenient times—or during regular office hours. All too often emergencies occur in the middle of the night or on holidays or weekends, and being able to reach their physician, dentist, or clinic at those times is important to people. And as their care provider, we know it’s important to you as well. That’s why we offer a 24-hour physician answering service for the health care industry. Our compassionate, courteous operators will be there after hours, through the night, all weekend long, responding to your incoming calls and then letting you know when your help is needed immediately.

Often situations perceived as emergencies in the moment can wait until your office opens. But even at those times it’s critical that your patients or clients are able to reach a live voice and not an answering machine. Often just having someone to talk to and pass a message on can ease stressful moments, and then medical or dental needs can be handled later during normal business hours. But at other times there are true emergencies requiring your immediate response and involvement. That’s why our operators respond to your calls in the manner you request. If you choose, we can even pre-screen callers from an approved script or checklist. Then if the situation merits it, you’ll get a call from us or we’ll even patch the call directly to you so that you can take over.

 In addition to this service, we also offer:

We comply with all HIPAA requirements, and we’ve got hundreds of health care professionals nationwide who have come to rely on our services as a part of caring for their patients and clients. For over 25 years we’ve been responding to calls on behalf of our clients in a courteous and professional manner, handling their clients and patients with the same care they’ve come to expect from their “regular” staff.

 A Courteous Communications – physician answering service available nationwide serving:

Rest easy knowing our physician answering service is for your practice or medical facility around the clock! 

With the physician answering service from A Courteous Communications, you’ll find that our efficiency and professionalism will be of benefit to you in the long run. You won’t miss important calls, you won’t need to have an employee handling the phones after hours, and your clients or patients will feel you’re available when they need to reach you. Our services will be tailored to your particular needs and desires. You tell us what you want and how you’d like to handle it, and we’ll work together with you to see that your incoming calls are handled in a timely fashion and that your clients or patients know they’re being taken care of, regardless of the day or hour. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you with this important facet of your business or practice.