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Air Conditioning Answering Services Will Save a Customers Day

Air Conditioning Answering Services Will Save a Customers Day

Air Conditioning Answering Services Will Save a Customer’s Day

 A Courteous Communications’ headquarters have been located in Orlando, Florida since 1986. We know a thing or two (or three) about urgent phone calls from hot customers needing immediate HVAC services and repairs. We supply many HVAC technicians with air conditioning answering services that include:  24 hour telephone support, quoting basic service rates, and dispatching on-call service technicians.    

 What is an HVAC Call Taker?  

An HVAC Call Taker is responsible for answering all incoming telephone calls for HVAC service professionals. This role is extremely important for an HVAC business because it’s the first point of contact your customers will most likely have with your company. Since service technicians are almost only called when they are needed immediately, an HVAC Call Taker is the first person to offer help to the customer.

 This job requires a highly detailed person, as the job involves a lot of data entry. This person must also have great customer service skills and a helpful attitude. An HVAC Call Taker must always be prepared to ask questions and use caller control to find out exactly what service or repair is best for the customer. The HVAC Call Taker will quote basic prices of the HVAC service list to see if the caller would be interested in sending an emergency service technician out to perform diagnostics.

 At the end of the phone call, the HVAC Call Taker will confirm the customer contact name, location, specific message and telephone number. This is just one aspect of air conditioning answering services.  After hanging up with the calling customer, the HVAC Call Taker will then forward the message and/or service request to the HVAC Dispatcher.

 What is an HVAC Dispatcher?

An HVAC Dispatcher works directly with service technicians who install, maintain and repair systems involving heating, ventilation and air conditioning. They are responsible for making sure that the service orders are dispatched to the appropriate service technicians. 

This position requires someone to be highly organized to ensure that all customer service orders and requests are handled within a reasonable timeframe. The HVAC Dispatcher is the initial connector and communicator between customer and HVAC technician.

After receiving the customer’s message from the HVAC Call Taker, the HVAC Dispatcher will then reach out to the on-call service technician in the customer’s area and relay the service order. The service technician will confirm the dispatch order and make a service call to perform diagnostics on the HVAC system. If the on-call technician is not answering their phone, the HVAC Dispatcher must keep trying their contact number until contact is made.  

It is also the HVAC Dispatcher’s responsibility to ensure that the technician has met the needs of the customer and service request by performing a timely follow-up.    

Call Center for Air Conditioning Company

One way a business owner can save money is to hire a call center for air conditioning company services and bulk the two job roles into one. A virtual receptionist can cost the air conditioning company as little as $24.95 a month and can act as the HVAC Call Taker and the HVAC Dispatcher.

With A Courteous Communications, we will even offer you 50 free calls each month as a show of our appreciation for allowing our staff to become an extension of your in-house team. For the past 30 years, our motto has been, “Our success depends on your success.” With a team of highly trained virtual receptionists and dispatchers available 24 hours a day, your air conditioning company never has to worry about missing a call.

An Air Conditioning Answering Service Call Demo

Want to see firsthand how our team can answer your HVAC business lines to save the day for your next customer? Click on our video demo below and take a look at how easy a professional call center can help dispatch service calls to your technicians.


Let’s start you off with a free conversation with one of our account specialists to discuss your business specifically. We never offer annual contracts and give you the flexibility to test us out with month-to-month service packages.

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