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About Us

A Courteous Answering Service Founded in 1986!

A Courteous Communications is a live answering service founded in 1986 in a small office located in the heart of Central Florida. We began with just one telephone agent –our current President and Founder, Doris Primicerio– and answering for just one client, a physician’s office that still trusts us with their telephone answering services 25+ years later. Our virtual office receptionists have been serving our valued clients for nearly 30 years and we believe that is a service your small business can trust. As the years passed, A Courteous Communications grew from a small business answering service assisting just one client in Orlando, to a large corporation providing the best answering services for businesses nationwide. Some of our major clients include Pepsi, Walt Disney World, Nordstrom, Barnies and more throughout the years. Our skill, reputation and elite customer service has placed us as one of the best answering services in the telecommunications industry.

Our Answering Service Staff is Our Family

A Courteous Communications prides ourselves on how we treat our staff like family. A large percentage of our staff think we are the best telephone answering service in Orlando and as such, they have stayed with us for 25+ years! Can you imagine having the same Operations Manager, Billing Specialist and Client Relations Manager for more than two decades? We can! Click on the video below to get to know our family and see some of the fun we have in between providing your business with 24 hour answering services!

We won awards!

More Than Just An Answering Service

Throughout the year, our live answering service team donates their time to give back to the community. Here is a recent video that our team made and you can see how they managed to package thousands of meals for hungry children in the community. Watch our virtual office receptionists in action while they fight hunger!

We help big brands

Our President Likes to Brag

Doris Primicerio first opened the doors to A Courteous Communications in 1986 in Central Florida and now, nearly 30 years later, she still can’t help but brag about our live answering service and award winning virtual receptionists. We are not only one of the best answering services in Orlando but also throughout the entire nation. See our company through the eyes of the owner in the video and you may fall in love with our team too!

Meet our family!

“A Courteous Communications gave me an opportunity to reintegrate myself back into the work place. I have received both professional and personal growth encouragement from my co-workers and superiors. I truly enjoy the camaraderie I have experienced while working at ACC.”

Kelly Scoggins, A Courteous Communications

“As an employee of A Courteous Communications, I enjoy being a telephone receptionist for many different clients in many fields of business. I love my fellow co-workers, we almost seem like family. Our company cares about our community and enjoys many opportunities in giving back. There are many opportunities to feel like you make a difference in someone’s life either on the phone with a caller needing immediate action or feeding someone who needs a meal and a word of encouragement. Thank you A Courteous Communications for allowing me this experience.”

Renea Kiing, A Courteous Communications

“I was at a low point in my life when A Courteous Communications hired me. They saw potential in me when I was unsure of my own worth. I will forever be grateful for the opportunity given to me.”

Susanne Manning, A Courteous Communications

“I have been with A Courteous Communications for 23 years. I started as a part-time agent and I was allowed and encouraged to grow with the company to become a part of the management staff. I feel proud of the quality of service we provide and the opportunities we have offered to staff members to progress and thrive. We aren’t just co-workers, we are family.”

Darlene Dochod, A Courteous Communications