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Month: January 2016

How Our Phone Answering Service Hires Talented Virtual Receptionists
Did you know that the cost to train one virtual receptionist to the basic start level at our phone answering service is over $1,000! This figure doesn’t even include the continuous quality control training throughout our employees’ careers at A Courteous Communications. Step behind the scenes with us and learn more about our dedicated hiring process to
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Business Advice for Startups: 5 Trending Social Media Platforms in 2016
A Courteous Communications welcomes all startup business owners to the digital social world of 2016! We all know the social sites that have proved their lasting power in the fickle IoT (Internet of Things); Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest and other household name platforms. But what about the trending underdogs jumping into the market? In order
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An Answering Service for Accountants Makes Tax Season Manageable
In the trademarked words of Michael Buffer, “Let’s get ready to rumble!” The IRS officially started the 2016 tax filing season on January 19, 2016 and expects to receive more than 150 million individual returns for the tax year 2015. Tax accountants, bookkeepers, auditors, CPA’s and accounting firms need all hands on deck to handle the
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Our 24 Hour Call Center Spotlights Orlando Charities We Volunteer For
The A Courteous Communications’ team loves to give back to the community by volunteering as much as we can. Our 24 hour call center enjoys spending the day packing food to be delivered to hungry children; serving at a local soup kitchen; and even dressing up to attend charity events to give all we can. Since our
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Our Inbound Call Center Shares the Top 10 Bad Habits of In-House Receptionists
When was the last time you placed a mystery call to your business to see how your callers are being greeted and helped? If the answer is never, it’s high time you were proactive to make certain your customer service matches your expectations. Our inbound call center brings you the top 10 bad habits that your in-house
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