The Importance of an Answering Service During the Holidays

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The holiday season can be a stressful time, as everyone knows. With Black Friday stress starting off the chaos, there’s a lot to think about through the next few months, and running a business through the holidays can add even more to your to do list. While you’re worrying about what to get your mom for Christmas and how to balance your marketing budget, your customers are being forgotten. To ensure you don’t lose any sales or anger any clients, employing an answering service will help your holiday season run a bit more smoothly.

Tips to Help Your Startup Run Smoothly

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Starting a new business can be hectic. There’s a lot to get done and most of it needs to happen quickly if you want to start seeing your success. Before you get overwhelmed, take a look at some of our tips to help things run smoothly.


Stay Organized

Important papers and files can easily get misplaced or accidentally thrown away amidst all of the chaos. Be sure to have a folder or binder for physical papers and an organized place on your computer to keep everything in an easy to find file.


How Social Media Has Changed Customer Service

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In this new age of social media, everything about running a business has changed. Instead of billboards, people are spending their money on facebook ads. Instead of checking references, employers are checking applicants’ facebook pages. Companies like Denny’s have gained their twitter popularity by being funny and relatable to the millennial generation. It’s nothing like it used to be, but it certainly makes things interesting.

The Benefits of Keeping Your Employees Happy

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Any good business owner knows the importance of customer service and how it can increase your profits. Most companies focus on this ad nauseum but tend to overlook the best way to ensure their customers are happy with their service. The tried and true method to making your customers happy, is keeping your employees happy. When you put time and energy into the happiness of your team, they’ll perform better on the clock.

Your team is your best asset and they deserve to be treated as such! These people are responsible for helping to grow your business and put your company on the map. When you show your appreciation to your employees, they are more motivated and happy to come to work because they feel important. This good attitude is then reflected into their work and in their customer service. Appreciating and rewarding your team trickles down and turns into better treatment for your clients and customers!

How to Prepare Your Business For A Hurricane

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Hurricane season isn’t over yet, and this year we have all learned to prepare for the worst. From seeing the damage first hand of Hurricane Irma right here in Orlando, to hearing the horror stories from Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria, this season has been a scary one. When there’s a possible storm headed your way, it’s important not to panic. We’ve put together some tips for preparing yourself and your business for what’s to come.

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