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Virtual Office Receptionist

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Our Virtual Office Receptionist Service is the best in the business!

Whether you have a mobile carpet cleaning business or you’re a sole practitioner, working out of a shared office space; our virtual office receptionist service is able to integrate with your mobile office and answer your telephone lines as if you had a brick and mortar establishment.

Allow your business to be open after hours, weekends and holidays without being disturbed by a ringing telephone. Let our virtual office receptionist service answer your virtual office business lines and deliver the messages to you at your convenience.

Let’s say one evening your business phone started ringing while you are having dinner with your family. Do you disrupt family time and answer the phone because it may be a new or returning customer looking for your services? Do you let the call go to voicemail and risk the lost income you may have suffered? We sure hope not. With A Courteous Communications virtual receptionist service on your side, you can have your cake and eat it too.

How our virtual office receptionist service works

If we were answering your business calls, this is how the same scenario would go.

8:00 pm

Your business lines receive a phone call. Your virtual office receptionist, A Courteous Communications, answers that line with your business name and preferred greeting. The caller would like to get an appointment for a carpet to be cleaned as soon as possible. Your highly trained virtual receptionist is also your scheduling assistant and sees an opening on your calendar for the following morning. The virtual office receptionist advises your potential customer about the possible opening and checks their availability.

8:10 pm

You receive an email on your business phone and a text relaying the message and confirming your availability the following morning for a $500 carpet-cleaning job. You email your virtual receptionist back, “That sounds good. Please book the new customer and send me their information.”

8:15 pm

Your virtual receptionist calls the customer back to book the appointment and confirms the date, time and service needed. Your virtual office receptionist then emails you the customer name, telephone number, address and carpet specs.

Following Day

There is $500 more in your business account due to a telephone answering and scheduling service costing you approximately $5.00 or less.

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