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Month: January 2015

3 Creative Reservation and Virtual Hostess Services for Your Restaurant
We believe that the best answering service is an answering service that works directly with business owners to try and come up with ways to grow and succeed in competitive industries. If you own a restaurant, we want to try and focus today’s article on creative reservation and virtual hostess services that your restaurant can take advantage
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Product Telephone Support | Answering Service for Small Business Tips
If you have a tangible product that you are currently selling to consumers or directly to other businesses, our live receptionist service can help you with product telephone support. No matter if you need help answering customer questions or providing a secure telephone credit card processing option, our telephone agents can come to your rescue with our
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How Does an Appointment Scheduling Service Work?
We get questions from small and large companies that want to know a little more information and often ask, “How does an appointment scheduling service work?” We have articles on our blog that explain how outsourcing your calls can help turn leads into scheduled appointments. In this article, we dive a little deeper into the scheduling process and
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Not Only an Answering Service for Small Business: 5 Reasons We’re Rock Star Employees
We here at A Courteous Communications have a motto, “We are never just the answering service.” The truth is, we are whatever our clients need us to be, but above all, we are rock star employees for offices just like yours. Being a 24 hour, 7 day a week employee is impossible for an in-house staff member.
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Customer Service and Telephone Statistics Your Business Should Know
Businesses around the United States should spend time researching known statistics that will help them develop and understand an ideal customer service experience. A Courteous Answering Service brings you this article detailing important customer service and telephone statistics your business should know. Customer Service Statistics every business should know 67% of customers hang up on
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