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How Social Media Has Changed Customer Service

In this new age of social media, everything about running a business has changed. Instead of billboards, people are spending their money on facebook ads. Instead of checking references, employers are checking applicants’ facebook pages. Companies like Denny’s have gained their twitter popularity by being funny and relatable to the millennial generation. It’s nothing like it used to be, but it certainly makes things interesting.

In the customer service aspect, social media has changed the mindsets of your customers. They need things done quickly. If you tell them they’re wrong then they’ll give you a bad review on yelp and ruin your reputation. It’s a difficult situation to work through and can strain your business when you find yourself trying everything to accommodate. Social media isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, but we’ve come up with some tricks to help you use it to your business’s advantage:

Use Every Social Platform

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. These are what set you apart from the other businesses out there who have refused to change. If you are active on social sites, your clients will see your name pop up more often and become familiar with who you are. This will encourage them to work with/purchase from you because they trust you. It sounds crazy, but it works. Put yourself out there on the web and see what comes from it.

Give Rewards for Positive Reviews

Review sites like Yelp are becoming increasingly popular. If a restaurant doesn’t have a good rating on Yelp, are you going to eat there? It’s an interesting mindset where people will trust strangers’ opinions from the internet and make decisions based off of other people’s experiences. If you have a good rating, you’re in a good place. Offer your clients/customers a discount or free gift for giving you a positive review. It’ll make them happy and it’ll make you happy.

Don’t be too Hasty

What you post on social media doesn’t go away. If a customer posts about you online, don’t retaliate or be rude about it. Ask them to email you so that you can settle whatever dispute or concern they may have, but keep it away from the public eye. Many businesses have found themselves in hot water when their mistakes go viral. Keep it calm and professional while responding to complaints.

Social media can often times seem daunting and unnerving, but when used correctly, it can be a great tool to better your business. Consider the many different ways your social platforms can be implemented into your business tactics and jump right in. There’s no better time to get started!

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