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Month: September 2016

10 Important Phone Calls Your Business Can’t Afford to Miss
Successful business owners know that missing incoming phone calls is not an option. You never know who is reaching out to you on the telephone and how you can help them. As such, each and every phone call you receive should be given the highest priority. Being experts in the telecommunications and customer service industry,
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Pay It Forward: 5 Creative Ways to Encourage Employee Volunteering
If you ask your employees if they’d like to volunteer, chances are, the majority of them won’t show any interest to your broad question. To really engage your employees and foster a group attitude towards volunteerism, you have to get creative with your approach.  In our recent article, Why Your Small Business Should Embrace Employee Volunteering,
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15 Signs Your Business is Ready to Hire a Live Answering Service
Our live answering service has the pleasure of handling the business lines for just about every profession and industry out there. We answer calls on behalf of doctors, electricians, realtors, restaurants and niche businesses (like hot air balloon rides).  For over 30 years we’ve offered highly skilled virtual receptionists to help business owners run their companies more
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Business Communication Skills: How to Say Anything to Anyone
Being an exceptional communicator is a trait that many professionals seek to acquire. Your communication skills will directly affect every aspect of your business; from acquiring customers to maintaining professional relationships. If you’re less than confident in your ability to communicate in a professional setting, it’s time you made a change.  In order to effectively
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5 Creative eCommerce Business Ideas and Opportunities for 2017
So, what is an eCommerce business? Simply put, eCommerce is the purchase and sale of products and/or services over the internet. If you’re looking to create an online store or business that caters to the online community, you’ll be looking to start an eCommerce business.   Although it accounts for just a small percentage of
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