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Business Advice for Startups: Does my startup need a receptionist?

Business Advice for Startups: Does my startup need a receptionist?

Business Advice for Startups: Does my startup need a receptionist?

Are you are a modern entrepreneur that has just started a new business or are in the initial research phase of how to build a long-lasting business? You found this article, “Business Advice for Startups,” because you have a specific lingering question that you can’t seem to shake, “Does my startup need a receptionist?”  

Being experts in the telecommunications and customer service industry, we have selected some popular fields to help you decide if your startup company is in need of someone handling your incoming calls. Even though we have been operating since 1986, A Courteous Communications was a startup business at one point as well, and we want to help you hit the ground running with your new venture.

Before we list the purpose of hiring a receptionist to handle your calls, we want to take a moment to remind your new business budget that hiring telephone support doesn’t have to be costly. Before diving into this article’s specific tips and information, know that a professional answering service cost can be as little as $24.95 and this small investment should be considered when deciding to hire a receptionist.

Service and Technician Startups

If you are a plumber, electrician or an HVAC technician that has decided to go rogue and start your own small service business, the telephone is going to become your best friend. Since you are choosing to start a business in an industry that is focused on customer service, you need to bring your A-game to beat out your competition and grow your customer list.

 Here are three customer service tasks that service technicians need to consider when deciding on whether you’re gonna need a receptionist:

  • • Will you personally be available to answer new customer service calls 24 hours a day while your business grows?
  • •When working on a service call or attending a networking event, can you afford missing incoming calls from potential customers during normal business hours?
  • •Are you highly organized and able to keep your own appointment book and schedule up-to-date and accurate?

If you answered “yes” to all three questions, you can surely afford to save the $25 a month it would take to hire a virtual office receptionist. As your small service business begins to build momentum though, you may want to consider hiring outside help to handle the administrative side of things.   

Solo Law Firm Startups

If you are a sole-practitioner that either recently graduated from law school or left a position in a law firm in hopes of starting your own firm, your biggest challenge is going to be time management. Since you are a practicing attorney with professional credentials that warrant higher hourly rates, you are going to have a tough time separating high value work vs. low value work.

Here are three time-consuming tasks attorneys need to consider when deciding on whether your office will need a receptionist:

  • •Think about the hourly wage you bill for the legal services you provide. If you are being interrupted throughout the day by a ringing telephone, you will be replacing your time that should be allocated towards billable hours. Can your small law firm afford “you” as a receptionist to answer your current and prospective client phone calls?
  • •Are you comfortable with sending existing and potential clients to a voicemail recording if you are in a meeting; in court; or, out to lunch?
  • •Do you believe that the professional reputation of your law firm is not compromised when the managing and sole attorney of the practice is answering all incoming calls?

If you answered “yes” to all three questions, then your solo law firm startup can dodge the expense of hiring a receptionist for the time being. However, if you know that your time is better spent in handling the high value work, allow a legal virtual office receptionist to act as an extension of your law firm. Pay only for the calls we answer on your behalf and with our starter package, you even get 50 free calls each month. 

Consultant, Brokerage and Accounting Firm Startups 

Business advice for startups that are in the consulting, financing and accounting industries are always given the advice to hire a receptionist. Due to the nature of your services, your new startup needs a professional image and an ease of accessibility to build a great reputation. When you choose financial and accounting sectors, you are going to have a tough time convincing your leads that the professional they want to hire for financial advice, is also the person answering the phones.

  • •Time is money when it comes to business. Is your time worth less than a basic virtual office receptionist rate of $25 a month?
  • •Do you think that your leads and potential clients calling in will not mind that you are answering your own business telephone lines?
  • •Can you afford to lose new clients when you are not available to answer incoming inquiries?

If you answered “yes” to all three questions, then your professional startup can begin with no administrative support. We highly recommend that you at least look into available business solutions for outsourcing your business calls. To learn more about industry-specific capabilities, read: “Virtual Receptionists Can Pre-Screen Your Leads with Qualifying Questions.” 

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Does your startup need a receptionist?

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