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3 Simple Steps to Help Your Floral Shop Blossom
3 Simple Steps To Help Your Floral Shop Blossom It will come to no surprise to you that the floral industry is a highly competitive and stressful market. With big corporations like 1-800-Flowers offering very low rates, it’s hard to stand out when your business is still growing. However, by keeping your business small you
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#CheatSheet for Business Owners: 10 Tasks to Give Your Answering Service
Are you shopping around for the best answering service to bulk up your business’s customer service? If you’re wanting a quick and straight-to-the-point resource to learn more about the available answering services for small business owners, read on.  Since you’re not a telecommunication’s expert, you may not know what a virtual receptionist can and can’t do. To
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Start Looking Forward to Mondays With These Helpful Tips
It’s Sunday night. You’ve just spent your weekend worry free, relaxing and enjoying your time off. Then all of a sudden it hits you. Tomorrow is Monday! You get a pit in your stomach and start feeling overwhelmed by the thought of your to-do list for the upcoming workweek. Even those who love their jobs
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10 Reasons Why We Love Our Virtual Receptionist Careers
Working in a business answering service is a highly underrated career; we’re more than just a voice on the other end of a telephone. Our team is responsible for acting as a gatekeeper and assistant for thousands of businesses. We must be on our game 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365
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What Does a Live Answering Service Do?
We love giving behind the scenes and detailed looks into our field of expertise. For those of you not in the telecommunication’s industry, we want to help you understand and locate the best answering service solution for your needs. In this article we feature the various answering services available, but give you an insider look
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