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Start Looking Forward to Mondays With These Helpful Tips

Start Looking Forward to Mondays With These Helpful Tips

It’s Sunday night. You’ve just spent your weekend worry free, relaxing and enjoying your time off. Then all of a sudden it hits you. Tomorrow is Monday! You get a pit in your stomach and start feeling overwhelmed by the thought of your to-do list for the upcoming workweek. Even those who love their jobs can get this feeling of anxiety and dread. If you find yourself starting to dread the upcoming workweek before it even starts, then it’s time to start preparing in advance. Here are some helpful tips to prepare for your upcoming week and help you start looking forward to Monday morning.


Start preparing for Monday on Friday

One of the best ways to be fully prepared for Monday is to try and tackle as much work as you can before you leave for the weekend. Try and spend most of your day being as productive as possible. Use your excitement for the weekend as your motivation to power through your work! When the day is starting to come to an end, start making a schedule or to-do list for Monday. Having good time management skills at work and knowing that your Monday is already planned can soften the blow of being thrown back into the workweek after a relaxing and fun weekend.

It’s always difficult to be fully productive on Fridays, especially when you start thinking about the weekend and any plans you may have. But remind yourself how happy you will be when you come in Monday morning and are fully prepared and ready to tackle the day.

Extra Tip: When you’re winding down on Sunday night, take a quick peek at your work email to see what your week might have in store. You don’t need to respond to any of them, just simply see if there is anything you may have to add to your to-do list for Monday. You’ll thank yourself in the morning and this piece of mind will even help you sleep more soundly Sunday night.

Make sure you’re fully rested

A big portion of your productivity is based on how well rested you are. But there is such a thing as getting too much sleep. We all know Sunday is supposed to be the day of rest, but taking a long afternoon nap or sleeping until noon can have a negative effect on your mood and body- and make it even harder for you to fall asleep that night. Try and get up at a reasonable time on Sunday so you can take full advantage of the end of your weekend. Tackle any chores or errands you might have so you can truly relax and enjoy your Sunday night.

It is important to get a full night of sleep every night, but especially important on Sundays. Going to bed early will ensure that you will be fully rested when you wake up Monday morning and will be a great way to start your week.

Extra Tip: On Monday mornings, try to wake up a half hour earlier than you normally do. This will allow you to have a little bit of cushion time to get ready without having to rush through your morning schedule. Use this time to put in some extra effort on your appearance and “Dress for Success”. We all have those certain items in our closet that make us feel incredible and extra confident. Wear your favorite tie and shirt combo that makes you feel like a superhero. Or wear your heels that make you feel like a supermodel. This extra boost of confidence will give you the strength to tackle any task at hand.

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Give yourself something positive to look forward to

The majority of the population is not happy with their job. Although there may be many aspects of your job that you dread, I’m sure there are also a number of things that you look forward to or find rewarding. When you have some down time on Sunday, come up with a few things that you are looking forward to this week that are work related. It can be something as simple as having lunch with your favorite co-worker or treating yourself to an extra snack in the vending machine.

Another way to help you get excited for the upcoming week is to plan something for yourself to look forward to outside of work. Mondays are especially draining so try and plan something for you to reward yourself with when you’re done with your first day back at the job. Mix it up each week with one of these ideas:

  • • Make your favorite meal for dinner
  • • Treat yourself to a manicure or massage
  • • Make plans to go out for a drink or dinner with a friend
  • • Plan a night of relaxation at home with your favorite book, a glass of wine and a bubble bath
  • • Watch that movie you’ve been dying to see
  • • Take a class in something you’ve always wanted to try like salsa dancing, pottery, baking, or improv
  • • Plan a fun date night with your significant other
  • • Go out for ice cream with your family

This little treat or activity can be your motivation to get excited about your upcoming week when you start to feel fear or anxiety on Sunday night.

Extra Tip: Stay positive! There are a number of studies that show the effectiveness of positive thoughtsand showing gratitude. You should make a conscience effort to start your day with one of these two thoughts. Begin your Monday with a positive outlook for the day and let that carry over to every day of the week.


Use These Tips To Start Looking Forward To Your Mondays!

Beating the Monday blues can be a challenge most weeks, but with these helpful tips you can easily go from dreading Mondays to looking forward to them. Starting your workweek off on a fully prepared and positive note can increase your chances of having a more productive week to follow. Use these tips to help set yourself up for success and start beating the Monday Blues before they even start.


Still feeling overwhelmed by the Monday Blues? 

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