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Sensitivity and Compassion While Providing Home Care and Hospice Telephone Support

Our award winning telephone answering service provides 24 hour telephone support for hospice hotlines and other urgent home care facilities. We are standing by, day and night, awaiting the chance to assist your medical centers with the crucial role of providing an answering service that helps your patients in their time of need.

When dealing with a subject as sensitive as hospice and home care patients you need an answering service you can trust. Our hospice telephone support team is trained to handle each call with compassion and empathy.

Why you can trust our Hospice Answering Service

We Know the Unique Circumstances Surrounding Hospice Medical Services.

“When my doctor told me my cancer couldn’t be cured and I probably had 6 months at best, it was hard to believe I’d run out of options. But then I started hospice care, and it’s helped me face my fears. And I’m making decisions about how I want to go out and what will happen afterwards. It’s given me back at least a little feeling of control.” —Avery, 81

Since hospice care providers give their patients a variety of different medical services, we, as your 24 hour medical call center, know that we must provide elite patient services ranging from emotional support, pertinent and time sensitive message handling to assisting with overall support to help you manage your medical facilities and clinics. We are an affordable answering service that can help your clinic with your goals of making certain that your patients are handled in a compassionate, professional and yet, very friendly manner.

We also understand that many of your callers are not just patients, but the family and loved ones of your hospice patients. We can help you manage your call volumes by assisting in the practical details and emotional challenges your patients’ family and friends are faced with when dialing your hospice facility and clinic. Our telephone agents are highly trained in various medical fields as well as extensive sensitivity training. We want to make sure that every time we field your incoming medical calls, we are prepared and ready to go above and beyond for your hospice and homecare team. We want to ensure that your patients; visiting family and friends and medical support staff get the answers they are calling about in a swift, accurate and efficient manner.

Virtual Receptionist for Your Patient Care Services

If your hospice program offers in-home services, we can field your patient hotlines to assist in the scheduling, canceling and confirming of home visits. Our award winning answering service is also available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year to make sure that each time your patient calls in they are greeted and assisted in a quick and efficient manner. We understand that some of the calls could be as urgent as life and death situations and as minor as calling to confirm the date and time of a home visit. We treat each incoming telephone call with a high level of professionalism and preparation so we can assist your hospice patients with anything they need. We are more than just your medical answering service, we are also an added division within your hospice center; here to provide the best patient care services available. Your patients suffering from terminal illnesses deserve the best and we are willing and able to provide you with elite patient care telephone support.

Virtual Receptionist for Your Visitation and Announcement Lines

Does your in-house medical staff get sidetracked from your ringing telephone lines to answer minor questions such as hours of the clinic’s operation; visitation schedules; and, questions regarding routine procedures or protocols? Let us assist your nurses and other in-house staff members by answering those telephone calls and fielding the calls as necessary.

Does your hospice clinic have a general announcement to provide to your callers? As your medical telephone answering service, we can take that information and based on your needs, we can either answer all calls with a specific message or make calls out to your entire patient list to provide instructions or announcements direct from your doctors, hospitals and clinics. Streamlining your general patient instructions and announcements is as easy as a five minute telephone call with our highly trained telephone answering service expert and internal programming department.

Virtual Receptionist for Your Billing Unit

As an experienced 24 hour medical call center, we can also assist your billing department with either incoming or outgoing telephone calls to patients, insurance providers or collection offices. Let us free up your in-house staff so that they can pay more direct attention with your patients and visitors. We can answer billing inquiries for your callers or we can even make collection calls on your behalf. We are here to help you and as such, each one of our accounts are customized to fit your exact needs and specifications. Our goal and our priority is to make your life easier and help your hospice center run more efficient and smoothly. Let us help you help your patients.

Virtual Receptionist for Your On-Call Medical Staff

Being a hospice medical facility, we understand that your patients need direct contact with your on-call medical staff all day, every day. We also realize that your patients are in the final stages of their terminal illness and as such, each call that rings on your hospice hotline is as urgent as life or death. Taking both the time and emotional sensitivity your telephone support requires; we are highly trained to deliver accurate and precise messages to your on-call doctors, on-call nurses and, on-call hospital units. We can dispatch those calls directly to the department or, we can use call control to determine how best to handle urgent situations. You provide us with a directory, medical staff contact list or instructions for specific situations and we will handle the rest. You can trust in our highly trained virtual receptionists to field and dispatch your telephone calls 24 hours a day.

Some may think that starting hospice is a last resort for the patient and that somehow, that patient is giving up on life. Others think that hospice centers are equivalent to a lower level of medical care. But we know better. We know that hospice clinics and home care medical services are simply a type of care that focuses on the quality of a patient’s life instead of continuing with treatment to prolong the patient’s life. We believe that our understanding of hospice care allows us to provide sensitive and empathetic telephone support to your patients, with a focus on complete accuracy and a high level of friendly professionalism.

A Courteous Telephone Answering Service has been assisting hospice centers, physicians’ offices, hospitals and in-home care nursing services since opening our doors in 1986. We have over 30 years of experience in the medical telephone answering service industry and answer thousands upon thousands of medical calls each year. We are a 24 hour medical telephone answering service that you can trust.

Our Hospice Answering Service is here for you 24/7

Call us now or send us a message to learn more about our HIPAA compliant services and how we can our hospice answering service team can help your hospice centers and hotlines.

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