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We Are Your 24 Hour Answering Service During the Holidays

We Are Your 24 Hour Answering Service During the Holidays

Our 24 hour answering service allow your in-house employees to enjoy the fun of holiday office parties and long weekends. Be the boss that everyone loves when you say, “Transfer the phones to our answering service, it’s party time!” In this fun holiday article, we will discuss how our team of experts can give you and your staff the freedom to close early for holidays and other special events. 

The many perks of our 24 Hour Answering Service

Forwarding Your Business Lines

After your free initial consultation and during your initial account setup meeting, you will be paired with an expert account specialist and in-house programmer to handle the custom aspects of your account. Here, you will be given a phone number to forward your business lines to when you are not available.

Any one of your staff members may forward your business lines to your new virtual receptionists by simply pushing a few buttons on your office line. The forwarding process literally can take just a few seconds and voila, your phones will be handled by our awarding winning answering team.   

When your holiday office party is over and you’re all ready to get back to the grind, all you have to do is simply follow similar instructions to un-forward your lines and all callers will be directing to your in-house receptionist. It really is that easy.

Whether you are closing your office for a few hours to eat cake and celebrate a specific holiday, or you want to close your business early for the day, we are here waiting to serve your callers.

How We Handle Your Calls

Since our 24 hour answering service is 100% customized by you, your office can give us specific instructions on how you would like our virtual receptionists to answer your lines.

During holiday breaks, we can let your callers know that you and your staff are closed in observance of the holiday. If you would prefer to be more discreet, allow us to inform your customers and clients that you are unavailable at the moment and we will take down a detailed message for a swift callback.

Our team of virtual receptionists are trained in answering your business lines specifically, and are able to act as extension of your office. Quite often our customers’ customers do not even realize that we are an outside answering service taking their calls. Our team is so friendly and helpful, most of the callers think they are speaking directly with your office, and we love that. If our after-hour or overflow telephone answering service gets mistaken as an on-site employee of our customer, well that means we are doing our job extremely well.

Retrieving Your Messages

There are countless ways you can retrieve or receive your missed call messages. With thirty years of experience in the telephone answering industry, we want to help retrieving your messages by making it as convenient as possible.

With our basic answering services you can request that your messages be:

  • •Forwarded to you the moment each message is taken.
  • •Compiled throughout the day and then forwarded to you in one call/message log.
  • •Recorded and stored in a voicemail that you or your employee can retrieve 24 hours a day.
  • •Handled by a virtual receptionist that you can speak directly with to discuss the missed phone calls and messages.   

Naturally, your messages are available through any device that is most convenient for you and can be sent via:

  • •Secure Email
  • •SMS Text
  • •Facsimile
  • •Beeper or Pager
  • •A Good Ol’ Fashioned Phone Call

You Tell Us What Constitutes an Emergency

If you are closing your offices in observance of a holiday or company outing, emergencies will arise. When you hire our highly experienced team of virtual receptionists, you are also hiring a contact person and professional gate person to screen all of your calls.

When we customize your account with A Courteous Communications, we will also ask you to teach us what you consider an emergency. We will train our 24 hour answering team with your exact specifications and you can be assured that you will only be interrupted in real emergency situations.

Custom Features Available

Some of basic answering service rates can be as affordable as $10 a month! This service allows for so many calls to be handled and messages to be taken. We can also customize your account further.

There are countless ways you can benefit from our affordable virtual receptionist team. Just to throw out a few ideas on what kind of reasonable add-ons your business can enjoy, take a look at what we can do! We can:

  • •Sync up to your calendar software and handle all of your scheduling needs.
  • •Act just as an overflow telephone answering service, ensuring that your callers never receive long hold times or busy signals.
  • •Answer just your after-hour calls and relay any messages at a convenient time for you.
  • •Be your customer service hotline and answer frequently asked questions.
  • •Ask preliminary and qualifying questions of your potential customers and leads to see if they can afford your product or service.
  • •Conduct telephone surveys and gauge your past, current and future customers’ satisfaction levels.
  • •Process payments and credit card orders over the telephone and even schedule the delivery of certain products by contacting your manufacturer directly with orders.
  • •Give you or your employee of the month VIP wakeup services each workday.  

What Are You Waiting For? Call our 24 Hour Answering Service Today!

Call one of our account specialists today and have a free consultation to discuss our 24 hour answering servicethat best fit the needs of your business. We pride ourselves in working with any entrepreneur budget and can be really creative in our customer service capabilities.  

Behind the Scenes: What our customers don’t see is that we too get to have a little fun during holidays. This past St. Patrick’s Day was a real hoot! Click here and check out behind-the-scenes photos and stories from our 24 hour call center family on our Facebook page.

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