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Product Telephone Support | Answering Service for Small Business Tips

If you have a tangible product that you are currently selling to consumers or directly to other businesses, our live receptionist service can help you with product telephone support. No matter if you need help answering customer questions or providing a secure telephone credit card processing option, our telephone agents can come to your rescue with our award winning services. In this particular article, we will feature different ways we can help with your product support and customer care using answering service for small business techniques to handle all marketing calls to action.

Product Telephone Support from our answering service for small businesses

Customer Service Agents Are Standing By

We all know and have heard of infamous slogans like, “Operators are standing by to take your calls now!” These marketing savvy terms are ‘calls to actions’ and they create a sense of urgency with your potential customers. By telling your customers that you have customer service representatives waiting for them to call with any product questions, you are giving them comfort in knowing that should they need help with their buying decisions, you are actually waiting to serve them.

People buy from people they like. Being on standby and available 24 hours a day to answer their customer’s questions will make you a very, very liked company.

Click to Order Now

If you have an eCommerce website, you know how easy it has become for customers to buy your product with a click of a button. However, do you know how many consumers are still worried about putting their credit card information on a website?

The more technology seems to evolve, the more exposed consumers are to modern crimes like identity theft. Take the guessing work out of it for your customers and offer, “Call and Order Now!” calls to action on your website. Make your customers feel comfortable in knowing that a real person will be taking down their personal information and using secure channels that prevent digital eavesdropping.  

Call to Register Your Product

Whether you have a warranty that goes with your product or you offer special registration to new customers, allow our live receptionist service to take down your customer’s information.

When a new customer calls your 1-800 number to register their product, let’s show them elite customer service support while we obtain the important contact information that will help you to keep them as hot leads for future product promotions. Not only can we provide top notch product telephone support, but we can also document and organize all of your customer’s unique data into helpful lists that can be stored for your future use.

Reserve a Spot Now

Does your business have a special event coming up or a seminar that you are offering? Forward your reservation lines to our answering service for small business scheduling agents and allow us to completely book your event for you! Our free appointment scheduling software and event calendars can sync up directly with your calendar for real-time RSVP’s and an up-to-date head counts.

While we have your invited guests on the line, we can also confirm the location of your event along with specific parking instructions; required dress codes; or, special items that need to be addressed before confirming attendance. Our highly professional and friendly live receptionist service is here to customize the level of telephone support your event needs.

Product Satisfaction Surveys

Feedback from your current and past customers is essential and so, our product telephone support services can help you with satisfaction surveys or even assisting customers with their complaints. To keep customers, you must keep them happy. What better way to find out if a customer is happy than by simply asking them and documenting their responses.

That is where our telephone agents come in with expert call handling experience, highly detail oriented skills and countless hours spent in customer service training courses. We help your business get to the bottom of customer’s praises and their complaints so you can better serve them.

Your callers can either be directed to call a specific 1-800 number to participate in a product survey; or, we can place a pre-recorded message on your current lines telling them to hold so they can be transferred to a customer service agent that will administer the survey.

Product Telephone Support 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week

Why are these particular calls to action helpful for your business?

Having product telephone support available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week will give you more opportunities to reach your customers and assist them in the buying process. Like other sales techniques, this is a simple numbers game. The more chances you provide to potential customers to reach out to you for assistance and expertise, the more products you will sell to those grateful customers.

Our answering service for small business product support has countless customizations available to you and your business. During an initial consultation, you will speak with an account specialist in our office that can recommend the most suitable account features for your specific business needs. Give us a call today or click here to send us a quick message and we will be glad to discuss in detail how we can help your business with current and future calls to action.

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