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3 Creative Reservation and Virtual Hostess Services for Your Restaurant

We believe that the best answering service is an answering service that works directly with business owners to try and come up with ways to grow and succeed in competitive industries. If you own a restaurant, we want to try and focus today’s article on creative reservation and virtual hostess services that your restaurant can take advantage of.

It is awfully hard to compete with so many other local restaurants and our best advice is to make sure that you provide consistent and incredible customer service each and every time your customers choose to dine with you.  Even though we are the best answering service out there today, we can’t help you with some customer service problems like:

  • •Making certain your diners are greeted immediately after arriving at your restaurant and escorted to their table.
  • •Assuring top quality in front of the house service and back of the house food preparation.
  • •Managing guest experience through constant dining room surveying at the conclusion of each meal.
  • •And other restaurant customer service and quality control techniques that your restaurant should be paying close attention to.

That being said, we most certainly can help your restaurant succeed using the following 3 creative reservation and virtual hostess services available!  

Creative Reservation and Virtual Hostess Services

1. Booking Your Table 24 Hours a Day

These days, most on-line reservation management companies provide your restaurant special booking software to fill your tables each night. An outsourced reservation service like,, or one of the many other booking reservation companies will charge you a monthly fee to have their special hostess software for booking your tables. This is definitely one way to approach 24 hour table booking capabilities.

The other approach is our more human approach; managing your reservation book with our friendly and award winning 24 hour virtual hostesses. By forwarding your restaurant reservation lines to our scheduling team, you are opening your restaurant’s doors and declaring that no time is inconvenient for you to help a hungry diner book a table. 

We can easily sync up to many online scheduling calendars and have our agents book your tables 24 hours a day.

2. Managing Your Reservation Book and Event Calendar

If you have an outsourced reservation service managing your calendar, you have a business that runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This constant attention to improving your diner’s experience can be as affordable as you need it to be.

Our virtual hostesses work on your behalf to schedule, confirm and cancel reservations and table bookings. We can cut your on-site host, hostess, servers and kitchen staff from attending calling diners and refocusing their attention to visiting diners. What this means for your diners is that when they call your restaurant, they are going to get quick and friendly service.

Consider this: while your calling-diners are attended to by your new reservation and booking hostesses, your visiting-diners are being given the undivided attention of your front of the house staff.

Did we mention that your new outsourced reservation service can cost as little as 75 cents per reservation?! Also, it is important for all restaurant owners to consider the fact that: we only charge you for the calls we take on your behalf. What does this mean based just on your restaurant’s bottom line? When you hire an on-site host to book your restaurant’s tables, you are paying someone an hourly fee to wait for your phone to ring. When you hire A Courteous Communications, the best answering service that is always ready and on-call for your restaurant, you only pay us whenever we talk to a customer calling on your line.

Our virtual hosts and hostesses get paid whether or not your phone rings, but that’s not a salary you have to worry about.

3. Food Orders through Virtual Hostess

Yeah, that’s right, you can count on us to answer your restaurant phone lines and take care of your to-go and delivery orders. How can we streamline your telephone and on-line orders to give you a nice return on your investment? We are glad you asked because we love explaining some of the custom and creative features we can offer restaurants like yours.

When your diners call in with a to-go order or delivery order, our live hostess will:

  • •Greet that caller with A+ customer service techniques and friendliness
  • •Offer your restaurant’s specials of the day
  • •Take your caller’s order and confirm the meals before processing their order and closing the call with an approximate timeframe

Delivery of orders can sync up to your current system so that when our agents input your caller’s order into your restaurant’s account, a ticket is printed in your kitchen for your cooks to begin preparing.  

There are more than 3 ways our Reservation and Virtual Hostess Services can help

These are just three ways that reservation and virtual hostess services can help you improve your diner’s complete experience. Don’t pay hourly wages for someone to sit around your restaurant waiting for the phone to ring. Do look into outsourcing your reservations to a 24 hour answering service that will be an extension of your restaurant team.

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