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Not Only an Answering Service for Small Business: 5 Reasons We’re Rock Star Employees

We here at A Courteous Communications have a motto, “We are never just the answering service.” The truth is, we are whatever our clients need us to be, but above all, we are rock star employees for offices just like yours. Being a 24 hour, 7 day a week employee is impossible for an in-house staff member. Once you realize the benefits of outsourcing your telephone handling needs, you will know that we are the best employees you ever could have hired! 

Our live receptionist service lists the 5 reasons we are the best answering service for small business telephone handling.

5 Reasons Our Answering Service for Small Business is the Best There is

1. Our experienced age.

Some shy away from their true age out of embarrassment for the many passing years. We are truly proud to yell from the rooftops that our live receptionist service has been going strong since opening in 1986. Just about 30 years of experience in answering phones with a smile and taking accurate messages for our business owners.

Being the best answering service is a tough gig but we continue to be in the top tier of the telecommunications industry; surpassing all competitors over the past three decades. We got this!

2. We never call in sick.

Think about being a business owner and having to hear those profit eating words, “Sorry boss, I have to call in sick today. I feel terrible.” A compassionate boss would understand but a smart business owner would realize that the next 8+ hours will be a doozy without a receptionist to answer the ringing telephones. When you hire an answering service for small business phone handling, your receptionist will always:

  • •Be on time for work and never absent from a shift.
  • •Be available to answer multiple calls at one time.
  • •Be professional and polite while answering your phones.

We are rock star employees that never call in sick, never show up late for work and never need to request time off for silly things like vacations.

3. In the business of customer service.

In our industry, customer service is one of the top priorities to be successful with a live receptionist service. We have seen many of our competitors in the biz go belly-up after providing horrible customer service to their clients’ callers. Since our expertise includes excellent customer service, you can be quite sure we are masters of providing helpful and friendly answers to your calling customers.

Our business makes a living out of being kind, courteous and professional on the telephone. Allow your business to benefit from our rock star customer service awards and history.

4. Special kinds of personalities.

Being a good virtual receptionist is not as easy as it sounds, trust us. Most people do not really take the time to look into what skills are required for being a telephone agent in one of America’s best answering service call centers. Working in an answering service brings constant ringing telephones and you never know what your next caller is going to need assistance with. Because the job is so mentally demanding, it takes extra special kinds of people to be able to step up to the plate and exceed our clients’ expectations.

Every one of our talented live receptionist service team members share these qualities that make us rock stars:

  • •We love talking on the telephone and working in a fast-paced office.
  • •We are downright joyful and happy to help make our clients look great to their calling customers.
  • •We work around the clock and enjoy flextime hours that suit our unique schedules.
  • •We definitely have OCD as we need to confirm all telephone numbers and the spelling of names so we send only accurate information along to our clients.
  • •We thrive on turning a sad, unhappy caller into a grateful, satisfied caller by listening and helping.  

It takes a special person to be able to be a talented virtual receptionist and call handler. We are happy to share that many members of our team have been with A Courteous Communications for 15+ years. We truly have an amazing group of workers and we are a big family here that has a good time working together.   

5. Birthday and holiday parties don’t cost a thing.

When you outsource your calls to virtual receptionists, you can have the best of both worlds! You can save money on holiday and birthday parties for your employees but still have the excited and cake happy employees answering your phones.

Our answering service takes care of certain employee perks that your business would normally have to shoulder, such as:

  • •Birthday Cakes and Parties
  • •Anniversary Flowers and Treats
  • •Employee of the Month Awards and Gift Cards
  • •Baby Shower Gifts and Parties
  • •Christmas and Holiday Company Outings

We handle all of that for our more-than-deserving telephone agents so you don’t have to even worry about it. You get the happy employees without having to foot the bill for company perks and incentives.

The Benefits of our Answering Service for Small Business are Endless!

Hopefully, after reading this special article, you too realize how awesome our team is and how beneficial our answering service for small business can be for you! Give us a call, day or night, and allow us to quote you a rate that is within your budget.

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