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10 Facts About Hiring a Virtual Live Receptionist Service
Outsourcing your calls to an off-site location can be a bit of a mystery. Who’s going to answer my calls? How are they going to answer my customer’s inquiries? What tasks can a virtual live receptionist service handle on my behalf? Here’s a quick roundup of 10 facts that’ll help you hire the best answering service for
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Outsourcing Telephone Calls During 3-Day Weekends Just Makes Sense
According to a recent Bloomberg BNA survey, Who is Laboring on Labor Day, “97% of employers [will] provide a paid day off for all or most employees on Labor Day.” How much business are you expecting to lose by closing your business in observance of Labor Day? Or, if you intend to have some employees come
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10 Reasons You Need to Outsource Business Calls to a Phone Answering Service
Are you trying to understand if outsourcing your incoming calls is a good investment for your business? In this article, we break down the top 10 reasons you should hire a phone answering service this year.    Why you should outsource calls to a phone answering service: 1.) More Time to Focus on Business Operations How much
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Business Advice for Startups: 5 Hiring Mistakes to Avoid This Year
You want to start your new business right this year and feel that it may be the perfect time to hire help. This week’s Business Advice for Startups is geared towards providing you with useful information to help you steer clear of these common hiring mistakes.  Hiring Mistakes to Avoid 1.) Not Hiring Any Help We fully
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