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10 Facts About Hiring a Virtual Live Receptionist Service

10 Facts About Hiring a Virtual Live Receptionist Service

Outsourcing your calls to an off-site location can be a bit of a mystery. Who’s going to answer my calls? How are they going to answer my customer’s inquiries? What tasks can a virtual live receptionist service handle on my behalf?

Here’s a quick roundup of 10 facts that’ll help you hire the best answering service for your business’s particular needs.    

Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Live Receptionist Service:

  1. 1.) You’ll Never Miss a Phone Call.

One of the most beneficial facts about outsourcing your phones is that you’ll never miss another business call again. Virtual receptionists are dedicated to answering your lines 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

What does this mean for your business? It’s simple, you’ll never again worry about:

  • • Missing a call from a potential customer;
  • • Sending a VIP caller to a robotic voicemail message;
  • • Losing a message that required a callback. 
  1. 2.) Your Agent is an Extension of Your Team.

Any business detail that you would share with an on-site receptionist, you can share with your virtual receptionist. The more information you provide, the better he or she can act as an extension of your in-house team.   

#HiringTip: Hire an answering service that gives you the freedom to customize your account fully.   

  1. 3.) Giving VIP Calls the Attention They Deserve.

It’s a fact, if you’re expecting an important phone call, your cellphone is practically glued to your hand. As a business owner, you can’t afford to send VIP calls to a voicemail. At the same time, you shouldn’t be interrupting your daily schedule to be constantly available.

A virtual receptionist allows you to be productive at work by eliminating the distraction of a ringing phone. And when you go home for the day, outsourcing your calls to a 24-hour answering service will let you sleep through the night in peace. When your phone does ring, you know it’s an important call.

  1. 4.) Providing Award Winning Customer Service.

Here at A Courteous Communications, it’s a fact that we’ve won both national and international awards for providing elite telephone customer service. Each year we welcome experts in the telecommunication’s industry to closely monitor, examine and grade our conversations. These competitions allow us to constantly be aware of the level of customer service we bring to our clients’ businesses.     

#HiringTip: Hire an answering service that not only enters customer service contests, but also takes home the trophy.   

  1. 5.) Processing Telephone Orders and Payments.

On average, 68.63% of users abandon an online shopping cart before they’ve completed their transaction. Why are your online customers not finalizing their purchase? Some of the most popular reasons for abandoned shopping carts are:

  • • Your website is not user-friendly.
  • • Hidden or misleading fees.
  • • Not supplying enough product/service information.

Provide a customer service phone number that your online users can use in case they need further assistance. A virtual live receptionist service can answer your customers’ questions; process their orders and take secure payments over the telephone.

  1. 6.) Managing Your Schedule in Real-Time.  

Answering your telephone calls and forwarding your messages is just the tip of the iceberg. A modern and digital answering service can also act as your scheduling assistant. A virtual scheduler can be trained to answer your calls; determine which callers require a meeting; and finally, schedule all appointments in real-time.

Train an account expert to prequalify your callers to ensure that only specific people can secure an appointment on your schedule. Specify the exact timeslots you would like appointments to be scheduled. Your new virtual receptionist team will be trained to follow your exact instructions. When a new appointment is scheduled or canceled, you’ll receive a notification in real-time via email, text or voice about the change in your agenda.      

  1. 7.) Eliminating Your Hold Times.

Making your customers wait on hold for long periods of time is inexcusable. Keeping your customers on hold when they want to speak with a live agent shows that you don’t value or respect their time. Relieve the pressure by providing your in-house employees with a telephone support team to back them up when they’re busy with other callers.   

If you’re going to have an in-house customer service team, make sure that you have enough employees to handle high-call volumes. To ensure that your callers are never placed on hold for long durations, you can choose to outsource just your overflow calls. 

Your staff and customers will thank you for providing adequate telephone support.  

  1. 8.) Speaking Multiple Languages.

If you’re extremely lucky, you may find an in-house receptionist that speaks multiple languages to handle your business calls. However, chances are, your receptionist applicants will be fluent in only English.

Don’t let language barriers cut your market reach and potential. Provide all your callers with the option to discuss your products and services in their native language. You’ll receive a translation of the caller’s message, inquiry or question via text or email.

Our multilingual receptionists can also act as a translator during telephone conference calls between you and another party. Shoot us a message now to see if our virtual receptionists can help you with a specific language.  

  1. 9.) Helping You Outshine Your Competitors.

Since we live in the Digital Age where consumers are accustomed to getting what they want when they want it, it’s imperative that you keep communication open 24/7/365. You don’t want your potential customers calling your competitors when they can’t reach you.

Hiring a professional answering service allows you to develop a solid competitive edge. If your competitors are sending their callers to an antiquated voicemail after 5 pm and on weekends, you have a chance to swoop up their business.  

By giving all callers a human, live person to speak with 24-hours a day, you’re committing to providing them with elite customer service.    

  1. 10.) An Affordable Option for All Business Owners. 

Our service rates can be as low as $0.45 per call. It doesn’t matter what your service or product is, you can make room in your budget to enhance your customers’ overall experience. What you can’t afford is to miss important calls from new and existing customers.

Providing outstanding customer service should be a priority in your business plan. Give your customers live assistance on their timetable and earn their long-term business by consistently being available.

Give Our Virtual Receptionist Service A Call! 

Our virtual live receptionist service is here and ready to provide you with round-the-clock telephone support. Give us a call today at 1-800-785-6161 to speak with an account specialist about how we can help grow your business with our custom services.

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