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Outsourcing Telephone Calls During 3-Day Weekends Just Makes Sense

According to a recent Bloomberg BNA survey, Who is Laboring on Labor Day, “97% of employers [will] provide a paid day off for all or most employees on Labor Day.” How much business are you expecting to lose by closing your business in observance of Labor Day? Or, if you intend to have some employees come into the office to answer calls, how much will their holiday pay cost you? 

Outsourcing telephone calls is a solution that many business owners turn to in order to keep their expenses and losses as low as possible around national holidays. By delegating your business lines during holidays, like Labor Day, you can enjoy a stress-free holiday weekend.  

The Many Benefits of Outsourcing Telephone Calls

Outsourcing Your Calls Saves Money

The Bloomberg BNA survey also shares that only 9% of businesses polled will be providing straight pay compensation to their employees for working during this holiday.

  • • 27% of employers are committed to paying their staff time and a half.
  • • 18% will provide both extra pay and compensatory time.
  • • 16% of business owners will compensate Labor Day employees with double-time pay.
  • • 9% will offer some sort of compensatory time off on top of regular pay.

Allow your employees to enjoy the 3-day weekend like the majority of the American workforce. When you forward your business calls to our holiday answering service, you get the benefit of being available to your calling customers for a fraction of the cost your on-site receptionist would run you.

Here at A Courteous Communications, are fees are pretty straightforward and start as low as $19.95 per month for businesses with low call rates. With this low user basic package, you can enjoy per call rates as low as $0.75.

Let’s do the math. The current minimum wage for the American workforce is $7.25 per hour. For employers offering double-time pay to employees working on a holiday like Labor Day, that hourly rate jumps to $14.50 per hour. For a normal 8-hour workday, you’re looking at a $116 wage for the day to have someone answering your incoming calls.    

It’s bad enough that a national holiday will decrease your overall productivity; your payroll doesn’t have to take a hit as well. Hire our virtual receptionists, virtual dispatchers and virtual customer support team to handle your incoming calls for a fee that any business can afford.

Enjoy 24-Hour Phone Coverage

Since the majority of working Americans will be enjoying their Monday off for Labor Day, chances are, they might be shopping around for your product or service. Let’s take a look at just a few example industries that would benefit from having 24-hour telephone coverage this Labor Day weekend (or any other long holiday weekend).  

• eCommerce Websites

As the money section of U.S. News points out, “In general, end-of-season products offer the best values during Labor Day weekend, with discounts ranging from 25% to 80%.”

If you own an eCommerce website that is looking to sell your Summer merchandise to make room for Fall products, you’ll want a customer service representative available to take phone inquiries from shoppers. Digital call centers are able to answer your customer’s frequently asked questions, take down phone orders and can even accept secure payments over the telephone.  

• Criminal and Family Law Firms

Long holiday weekends can mean emergency phone calls from clients for lawyers practicing criminal or family law. In order to provide elite client services, prepared attorneys need to turn to an after-hours answering service to help field their calls over the weekend.  

It’s highly unfortunate, but holidays can sometimes bring out the worst in some individuals. Perhaps your client has a shared parenting plan that the other parent refuses to honor. Family law attorneys will be expected to be available should a mother or father not get their holiday time in with their children.  

Criminal attorneys that offer DUI or DWI defense services will undoubtedly be called during this 3-day weekend as well. The Alcohol Monitoring Systems (AMS) expects a spike in drunk driving this Labor Day weekend, “The data shows that the Saturday increase is expected to continue through Labor Day itself, when violations by alcohol offenders may be more than 80 percent higher than usual.”

Our virtual receptionists are trained in handling legal calls and getting emergency messages to you in real-time, no matter where you are in the world.

• Emergency Service Technicians

Are you a plumber, electrician, repairman or other service technician that offers emergency or weekend services? With everyone at home enjoying the long weekend, home appliances and structures run the risk of breaking. So when a homeowner’s air conditioning unit breaks or their pool pump stops working, you can be sure they’ll be turning to you for emergency assistance or repair. 

Outsourcing your telephone calls gives you a whole support team of customer service representatives, service call takers and dispatchers. We work around the clock on your behalf to:

  • • Provide 24-hour phone coverage to accept service requests.
  • • Qualify your potential customers by quoting your fees and rates upfront.
  • • Dispatching on-call technicians to emergency service requests.
  • • Accepting and processing payment over the telephone. 
  • • Answer all of your callers’ FAQs and inquiries, day and night.

No matter your industry, our team can support your onsite team during 3-day weekend holidays. We make sure you don’t miss any important phone calls from both new and existing customers. And we give you the freedom to fully enjoy time with your friends and family without having to constantly worry about how many calls you’re missing back at the office.

Outsourcing Telephone Calls Can Be Easy! 

Forwarding your lines is as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. 1.) Give us a call at 1-800-785-6161 or click here to request a custom quote from our account specialist.
  1. 2.) Set up your account with our in-house programming team and customize how you want your calls answered and handled.
  1. 3.) Forward your business lines to us and we’ll make sure your callers are taken care of with our award winning customer service.

Outsourcing telephone calls during national holidays and 3-day weekends just makes sense for business owners. 

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