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15 Signs Your Business is Ready to Hire a Live Answering Service
Our live answering service has the pleasure of handling the business lines for just about every profession and industry out there. We answer calls on behalf of doctors, electricians, realtors, restaurants and niche businesses (like hot air balloon rides).  For over 30 years we’ve offered highly skilled virtual receptionists to help business owners run their companies more
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Customer Service Advice: How to Effectively Handle Negative Feedback
Back in the day, if a customer was dissatisfied with your company they were thought to have told 10 people about their bad experience. In today’s world of viral content, that number goes up drastically and can even put a company out of business. The digital age has broadened word of mouth reviews and criticisms
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Be Prepared this Valentine’s Day and Hire an Answering Service for Florists
It’s that time of year again when floral shops, big and small, have a rush of business for the lover’s holiday. Valentine’s Day will bring you plenty of new business and you only have a short amount of time to fulfill all orders and obligations. On a day when you experience intensely high call volumes,
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Answering Business Telephone Lines When Busy Business Owners and Staff Cannot
You and other busy business owners may have general questions like, “When can a virtual receptionist answer my business lines?” The answer to this question is simple and 100% customizable to your specific needs. Here at A Courteous Communications, we like to help busy business owners and office staff when they need us the most.
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5 Reasons Social Media Can’t Replace a Live Telephone Support Receptionist
As we get settled into 2015, e-commerce and social marketing have become the favorite buzz words for business owners worldwide. If you run your own business, you understand the importance of providing social media profiles and pages to showcase your product or service. Our telephone answering service doesn’t dispute the various benefits social media brings to your
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