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Be Prepared this Valentine’s Day and Hire an Answering Service for Florists

Be Prepared this Valentine’s Day and Hire an Answering Service for Florists

It’s that time of year again when floral shops, big and small, have a rush of business for the lover’s holiday. Valentine’s Day will bring you plenty of new business and you only have a short amount of time to fulfill all orders and obligations. On a day when you experience intensely high call volumes, allow our answering service for florists to walk you through the top 3 ways we can help.

How can our answering service for florists help out on Valentine’s Day?

1.) 24 Hour Telephone Customer Support

The National Retail Federation reports, “According to a survey, 37.8 percent of Americans will buy flowers for Valentine’s Day, spending a total of $2.1 billion.” How does your flower shop take home a portion of this large pie? You answer each and every phone call that you receive this year. If you are a floral shop owner, you have two options.

Option A

You can assign an employee to exclusively handle the high call volume you receive this Valentine’s Day. Chances are the employee you designate to answer the phones has another function in your shop; cashier, floral designer, floral clerk or salesperson. You will have telephone coverage, but this option loses an on-site pair of hands.  

Option B

You can hire our virtual receptionists to answer your calls 24 hours a day. We will greet your callers and provide outstanding customer service for as little as $0.69 per phone call. Just by answering your business line 24/7, you are ensuring that your potential customers do not go directly past you to your competitors.  

By taking advantage of our competitive per call rates, you can increase your profit margin this Valentine’s Day.        

2.) 24 Hour Order and Message Taking

Not only can our answering service for florists answer your calls this Valentine’s Day, we can also take phone orders. Having the ability to take flower orders late at night or early in the morning will give you a competitive edge. You can focus exclusively on fulfilling your customers’ orders and attending to your flower shop’s foot traffic. 

Take a closer look at how we can help you in this telephone conversation example.


Florist Receptionist:           “Hello, thank you for calling 123 Flowers this is Sara. How may I help you today?”

Customer:                  “Hi Sara, I’m surprised you guys are answering so late. Does that mean I can make a last minute bouquet order for Valentine’s Day?”

Florist Receptionist:           “Yes of course you can. Have you seen the selections we offer on our website? Or did you want a custom bouquet?”

Customer:                  “I just want to order a dozen long stem roses and have them delivered to my girlfriend at her office.”

Florist Receptionist:           “Perfect. May I please have your name and contact telephone number?”

Customer:                  “It’s Chuck Smith and my contact number is 123-4567.”

Florist Receptionist:           “Thank you, Chuck. To confirm, your number is 123-4567, is that right?”

Customer:                  “Yes, that’s right.”

Florist Receptionist:           “Great. Now, can I please have your girlfriend’s name and address where you want the roses delivered?”

Customer:                  “Her name is Jennifer and her building is at 1234 Orange Avenue right in Downtown Orlando. It’s the Law Offices of Smith & Jones, Suite 23B on the                  23rd floor.”

Florist Receptionist:           “Thank you, Chuck. Would you like to add a Valentine’s Day card for just two dollars more?”

Customer:                  “That would be great. Thanks.”

Florist Receptionist:           “What would you like the card to say, Chuck?”

Customer:                  “Hmmm, what about, ‘Jennifer, I have always loved you. Love, Chuck.”

Florist Receptionist:           “That’s so sweet, Chuck. To confirm, I have one dozen long stem roses being delivered to Jennifer, J-E-N-N-I-F-E-R, tomorrow at the Law Offices of Smith & Jones, 1234 Orange Avenue, Orlando, Florida, Suite 23B on the 23rd floor. You want the Valentine’s Day card to read: Natalie, comma, I have always loved you, period. Love, comma, Chuck. Is that correct, Chuck?”

Customer:                  “Sounds perfect.”

Florist Receptionist:           “Chuck, your total comes to $77. Will you be paying with Visa or MasterCard today?”

Customer:                  “Visa. My card number is….”


Your new virtual receptionist was able to assist an after-hour potential customer with their phone order. Your virtual receptionist was also able to upsell one of your cross products and secure payment in just one phone call.  

Depending on your preferences, we can customize your account so you receive your new order in the most convenient way. Your new florist receptionist can forward orders placed in real time via email, sms text, voice or even via facsimile. Our state of the art equipment and software allows us to program your account according to your exact specifications.   

3.) 24 Hour Hotline and Delivery Dispatcher

Valentine’s Day is here and you have a long list of customers on your delivery schedule. Here at A Courteous Communications we have a special unit of dispatchers that is devoted to dispatching and patching orders directly to your delivery driver. We can dispatch orders to your delivery team and make sure all communications are accurate, up to date and streamlined. 

If you have customers calling in to check on the status of their flower arrangements, we can provide you a 1-800 customer hotline phone number. When we handle the incoming requests, you don’t have to worry about a ringing telephone on one of your busiest days of the year. Allow us to handle your customer service hotline and enjoy a perfectly planned and stress-free Valentine’s Day.   

 Our Answering Service for Florists is here for you This Valentine’s Day!

With no long-term commitments and competitive rates, ouraward winning answering service for florists will make sure you have a record-breaking Valentine’s Day. Start the conversation today, give us a call at 1-800-785-6161 to speak with an account specialist about the package that is right for your needs.

Be prepared this Valentine’s Day with a whole team of telecommunication professionals ready to help you make this year special. 

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