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Answering Business Telephone Lines When Busy Business Owners and Staff Cannot

You and other busy business owners may have general questions like, “When can a virtual receptionist answer my business lines?” The answer to this question is simple and 100% customizable to your specific needs. Here at A Courteous Communications, we like to help busy business owners and office staff when they need us the most. In this article, we lay down the basic times offices around the world utilize our virtual office receptionists and how we help in answering business telephone lines 24 hours a day.

Give Yourself an Extra Hour Every Morning

What would you or your on-site office staff be able to accomplish with just one more hour each morning? If your offices open at 9:00 am we suggest forwarding your business telephone lines to our live receptionist service until 10:00 am each day. Why would you delay answering your business phone by one hour?

In the first hour of work, you and your staff can accomplish administrative tasks free of any interruptions. Replace that first hour of the day with full productivity and see the benefits of having five extra hours each week. Here are a few examples of how that time could be better spent with having a virtual office receptionist answer your calls:

  • •Morning Staff Meetings to Greet the Day as a Team
  • •Checking Voice Mail Messages and New Emails Received
  • •Performing Opening Procedures for Your Office
  • •Catching Up On Industry Related News to Stay Relevant
  • •Sleep-In an Extra Hour and Increase Daily Energy and Productivity

Take a Genuine Lunch Break

Most business owners and their on-site receptionist tend to eat at their desks and quickly swallow any food to answer incoming business calls. According to 8 Reasons Why You Should Definitely Take That Lunch Break, only one in five office workers reports taking an actual lunch break away from their desk.

How does not taking a break midday affect your brain power and productivity levels? According to an article posted by the Wall Street Journal:

“The attention it takes people to focus at work drains them of psychological, social and material reserves, leading to stress and lower productivity. Taking a lunch break away from the desk lets people separate themselves from the source of that drain, and that offers the opportunity to build back some of those resources in the middle of the day—rather than just at the end when work is over.”

– Dr. Chris Cunningham, professor of Industrial-Organizational and Occupational Health Psychology at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.

The benefits of having a full hour to break at lunch time can help any staff member recharge and reboot to give it their all for the remainder of the workday. Being in business since 1986, our live receptionist service knows the importance of not missing any phone calls.

We know you can’t just send your callers to an automated voicemail and expect to grow your business. This is why our dedicated team of virtual receptionists are answering business telephone lines for companies around the United States so you and your staff can take that much needed lunch break.

Closing Up the Office a Little Early

There are a multitude of reasons why you would want to close your office early for the day. Some of the most frequently used reasons for closing up shop early are:

  • •Beating the 5 o’clock heavy traffic volumes in busy and congested cities.
  • •Having a meeting with staff and different departments to discuss daily productivity.
  • •Leaving work in time to pick up children from after-school programs and/or extracurricular activities.
  • •Some workers and business owners even tune out the business phones at 4:00 pm in order to focus on finishing up their daily work load so they can leave the office by 5:00 pm.

These are all excellent reasons to push forward with making yourself and your business as efficient as possible. Having a telephone messaging service that you can forward your business calls to makes these above goals possible.

To forward your lines, anyone in your office can simply push a few buttons on your telephone and voila, our virtual receptionists are on-call and waiting to help your next caller.

We Are Here When You Need Us

Answering business telephone lines when you need the most help can be affordable and we promise, you will see the productivity in your office rise with our telephone support and assistance. Our job in the telephone answering service industry is to make sure that your valuable time is spent as efficiently as possible.

Click here to request a custom quote for answering your business telephone lines when you need help. Remember, you only pay for the calls we take on your behalf. You do not have to pay for our virtual receptionists standing by; we handle those pesky employee benefits so you don’t have to.

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