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How Does an Answering Service Work 

How does an answering service work?

Set Up A Custom AccountYour business representative and our account specialist consult to customize how we answer your phone lines. Our programmer designs your custom account.

Forward Your CallsSimply press a few buttons on your telephone and all calls will be forwarded to our call center. You always have 100% control over when we answer your lines.

Message and Call DispatchingYou receive your messages and emergency calls according to your exact specifications. You will only be charged for the calls we take on your behalf.

How Does a Virtual Receptionist Help My Business?

You will be very pleasantly surprised to see the amount of work load we can take off your hands. Instead of hiring another employee in-house, save your money and retain our virtual receptionists at a fraction of the cost it would take to grow your telecommunication support staff internally.

What a Virtual Receptionist Can Do For Your Business

Learn more on the various answering services we can provide to your business with our award winning virtual receptionists by clicking on the custom feature below that suits your business answering service needs. 

Have a specific need you want to ask one of our account experts about? Click here to send us a quick message with your unique service question and we will be more than happy to let you know how our virtual receptionists can help you specifically.