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A Courteous Telephone Answering Service Accepts ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!

That’s right, A Courteous Telephone Answering Service Takes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge! President of A Courteous Communications, Doris Primicerio, and Vice President, Jean Pearson, were both nominated to undergo the charity challenge that is sweeping up the nation. This past Monday afternoon, Jean accepted the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and Doris Primicerio decided to pony up the penalty of $100 to avoid the ice cold water.

A Courteous Answering Service is no stranger to community outreach programs and so, on Tuesday afternoon both Doris and Jean accepted their responsibilities in supporting the ALS Association. The two female owners of Courteous were so excited to raise awareness for such a debilitating cause and gathered the virtual receptionist staff to witness the event. Because, of course, who doesn’t like seeing their boss get drenched with freezing, ice cold water!?

The ALS Association has received 31.8 million dollars in donations over the past few months since the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge began. Millions have accepted or paid up to the association to help bring awareness to Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) disease. The ALS mission focuses on leading the fight to treat and cure ALS through global research and nationwide advocacy. The charity organization also tries to empower people with Lou Gehrig’s disease; supporting also their families to live fuller lives by providing compassionate care and support.

ALS disease was first founded and documented in 1869, but started to receive national and international attention when Lou Gehrig, “The Iron Horse of Baseball,” was diagnosed with the disease. With the public sparsely aware of the Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, ALS gained world attention as Lou Gehrig’s disease in 1939.

Tuesday was one of the hottest days that Central Florida has seen all summer with a heat index of 113 degrees; it was a perfect day for Jean to accept the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. The employees of A Courteous Communications gathered in front of the answering service’s corporate office in Orlando, Florida, with cell phones taping and cameras snapping, all waiting to watch Jean their VP get drenched.

As you can see in our mid-dunk photo, Jean bravely let ice cold water be dumped all over her in the name of #ALS! The employees cheered as they gave her high fives for braving through the “hottest” viral charity challenge.

Doris, president and founder of A Courteous Communications, enthusiastically handed over the $100 penalty for opting out of the submersion. Doris shared with all of us at A Courteous a childhood story that prevented her from being a dunkee and how she ended up with five $20 bills on a board in support of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

“A couple of decades ago, my sister and I went to the beach. We had not seen each other in some time and needed a little sister catch up time. We grabbed our rafts and headed towards the water. Backs to the sun and bellies on our rafts we talked the day away. By the time I got home, my apparent sunburn had settled in and the real pain began. I ended up in the hospital where the doctor’s prescription was to go back home and sit in a bath tub of iced water.”

This life altering event will forever haunt Doris’ memories. She remains petrified of this childhood sunburn incident and is reassured in the fact that that her skin will never again meet water and ice at the same time. Still wanting to participate and give back to community awareness, Doris made money rain rather than freezing cold water. The ALS Organization acknowledges that this challenge is a means to an end, “Exposure like this is what the ALS community needs so we can attempt to find a cure and reversal for people living with this insidious disease.”

How did the craze of pouring ice cold water over your head in the name of charity start? Chris Kennedy, a golfer from Sarasota in Florida, was nominated by a friend to participate in an ice bucket challenge similar to the one screened live on-air by program Golf Channel Morning. Kennedy was the first to associate the challenge with ALS because he has a relative suffering from the disease and his video was posted back on July 15. Soon his friends were all doing it and using the hashtag #StrikeOutALS and it started to go viral when former professional baseball player Pete Frates took part.

It has been an amazing summer for the team at A Courteous Communications. Our staff has really enjoyed being part of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and always meets their challenges as a team. Stay tuned, you may see more stories about how our virtual receptionists sucked up the cold, cold, cold showers from ice buckets.

Which is your favorite celebrity Ice Bucket Challengers? We pulled together some great celebrity ice bucket challenge videos to get you in the spirit of donating and spreading more awareness for the ALS Organization! Click on the celebrity you’d like to see get dunked. 

Charlie Sheen Ice Bucket Challenge

Bill Gates Ice Bucket Challenge

Oprah Ice Bucket Challenge

Ashton Kutcher Ice Bucket Challenge

Jon Bon Jovie Ice Bucket Challenge

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner Ice Bucket Challenge

Justin Timberlake Brings a Whole Line Up of Ice Bucket Challengers

Tom Cruise Ice Bucket Challenge

Kermit the Frog Ice Bucket Challenge

And even…. a surprise Ice Bucket Challenge Wedding Proposal has been filmed and shared!

Do you have a great ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Video you want to share with us? Go ahead and visit our Facebook here and post your video to show all of our followers you support the ALS Organization. Don’t forget to use the viral friendly hashtags: #IceBucketChallenge, #ALSIceBucketChallenge, #strikeoutals, #ProjectALS and #CourteousSupportsALS.

IN OTHER NEWS: A Courteous Communications is also raising awareness and donations on behalf of the organization, Feeding Children Everywhere. On Wednesday, September 3, 2014, A Courteous’ virtual receptionists will be hand-packaging 5,000 healthy meals that will be distributed to hungry children and families in Central Florida.

If you would like to make a contribution, please click here and visit the official Feeding Children Everywhere website and event hosted with A Courteous Communications. Every little bit helps and so, please give what you can to help feed hungry children in and around Central Florida.

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