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An Answering Service for Accountants Makes Tax Season Manageable

An Answering Service for Accountants Makes Tax Season Manageable

In the trademarked words of Michael Buffer, “Let’s get ready to rumble!” The IRS officially started the 2016 tax filing season on January 19, 2016 and expects to receive more than 150 million individual returns for the tax year 2015.

Tax accountants, bookkeepers, auditors, CPA’s and accounting firms need all hands on deck to handle the start of the busy season. While you are busy analyzing, calculating, auditing, crunching and confirming; allow an answering service for accountants to handle customer service.

Increase Productivity and Decrease Daily Interruptions with our Answering Service for Accountants

If you are a busy CPA, we know how hard it can be to stop in the middle of auditing and calculating numbers to answer a ringing telephone. Our straightforward question is, “Why are you answering the phone during tax season?” You need to keep communications open during this busy season but that doesn’t have to affect your productivity.

An accountant at a local CPA firm shares, “The schedule at our firm is 56 hours/6 days a week, which I’ve heard isn’t that awful as far as CPA firms go.” We challenge all accounting professionals to tally up how much of that time goes to routine answering of FAQ’s or scheduling appointments.

Take a closer look at how virtual receptionists can help you increase productivity: 

  • • We give you freedom by answering all of your calls; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • • We act as gatekeepers and screen all of your calls according to your specifications.
  • • We answer your clients’ frequently asked questions so you don’t have to.
  • • We schedule your appointments and consultations on your calendar in real-time.

When you outsource your accounting firm’s calls, you are allowing your full attention to be placed on higher skilled tasks. Hiring a virtual receptionist gives you the ability to do what you do best; prepare and examine financial records.  

24 Hour Answering Service for Accountants

Bring a uniquely competitive edge to businesses and individual taxpayers by offering 24 hour client services this tax season. That’s right, allow your clients to call your CPA firm any time of day, any day of the week.

We know that some accounting firms are still relying on an antiquated voicemail notifying their frustrated tax clients, “Thank you for calling ABC Firm. We are currently closed for business. Please leave a message and your CPA will call you during the next business day.” When it comes to the confusing rules and strict tax deadlines, this is not something your clients want to hear.

Our answering service for accountants can’t give your callers tax advice, but we can help with answers to FAQ’s like:

  • • Providing key dates to tax season deadlines
  • • Navigating caller through your CPA website
  • • Scheduling availability of specific CPA
  • • Website url, extension list and department contact numbers

The 24 hour answering services also benefits your ability to attract new business this tax season. When a business owner or individual taxpayer is shopping around for a new CPA to handle their tax returns they have a lot of options available to then. Think of your potential client’s positive response to a CPA firm that takes their call after normal business hours and on the weekend.

Custom Tax Hotline for Your Clients Provided by our Answering Service for Accountants

Stand out from the CPA crowd this tax season by offering elite client services. Hiring a qualified answering service for your CPA firm can bring your services to a whole new level. With call answering rates as low as $20 per month, as an accountant, we hope you clearly see the fruitful return on your investment.

We have been providing phone answering and call handling services for financial professionals since first opening in 1986. In that time, we have perfected the ability to offer 100% customizable account service options for our customers. With a little creative thinking, we can train your new virtual receptionist team according to your exact specifications.

Tax Emergency Call Answering

Allow us to set up an emergency after-hour calling procedure to handle your clients calling in with a tax emergency. We understand that what your client considers an emergency may not meet your qualifications for a tax emergency. Our virtual receptionists are able to ask your callers qualifying questions before interrupting you after-hours with an emergency tax situation.

Tax Identity Theft Tip Hotline

How many calls do you receive from clients asking about a funny email or text they just received? Walk our telephone agents through your CPA Firm’s version of the IRS’ Dirty Dozen; letting us know of the top tax scams circulating the Internet. Our team will notify your callers to not trust the links contained in the email they received.  We can also instruct these anxious callers to email you the exact message they received or to walk them through discovering the IRS contact number, website url or phone number for general inquiries.   

Tax Season After-Hour Customer Support

Allow our virtual receptionists to help your after-hour callers provide information needed to file their tax returns. We will take this confidential information on our secure lines and deliver each message straight to your cell phone or your email address.

Our digital call center utilizes state of the art technology, highly secure software and employs an on-site account programmer. We will never give out private information but can help you streamline your telephone and communication support by effective call handling. Our virtual receptionists are experts when it comes to handling confidential information with the upmost care and discretion.

Let Our Answering Service for Accountants Help You During Busy Tax Season

Trust your high volume tax season calls with our answering service for accountants and gain the extra support you need to get through this time of year. A Courteous Communications has been meeting the high expectations of our professional customers for 30 years. We are a reliable, friendly and award winning customer service team that is standing by to help your CPA firm.

Start the conversation, give us a call today at 1-800-785-6161 to speak with an account specialist about your CPA firm’s custom needs this tax season. 

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