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3 Simple Steps to Help Your Floral Shop Blossom
3 Simple Steps To Help Your Floral Shop Blossom It will come to no surprise to you that the floral industry is a highly competitive and stressful market. With big corporations like 1-800-Flowers offering very low rates, it’s hard to stand out when your business is still growing. However, by keeping your business small you
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Ensuring Customer Satisfaction: 10 Rules Our Virtual Receptionists Must Follow
We love giving everyone a behind the scenes look into our digital call center. Today, we showcase the top 10 rules our virtual receptionist team must follow when handling the telephone communications for businesses nationwide. Read on to learn about our top rules that help us in ensuring customer satisfaction with our customers’ customers. Perhaps some of
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What NOT to Say During a Professional Telephone Conversation
Have you ever been on the receiving end of an unprofessional conversation when calling a business? It’s just the worst. Not only does it ruin your mood, it also makes you question the competence of the business you called.    More often than not, receptionists are responsible for providing your customers with their first impressions
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Outstanding Service Brings Orlando Based Company International Award
September 23, 2016, Quebec City, Quebec: A Courteous Communications of Orlando, FL is happy to announce that it has been honored with the exclusive 2016 CAM-X Award of Excellence for the 2nd consecutive year. The Canadian Call Management Association (CAM-X), the industry’s Trade Association for providers of call center services, presents this prestigious international award annually. Doris Primicerio,
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Digital Machines vs. Live Answering Service Agents
Our live answering service was first established in June of 1986. Three decades have passed and we’ve seen many changes to the way business communications are handled. Thumbing through the yellow phonebook has been replaced with scrolling through internet search results. Brick and mortar foundations have been overshadowed with eCommerce website structures. Squeaky shopping carts have been
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