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10 Facts About Hiring a Virtual Live Receptionist Service
Outsourcing your calls to an off-site location can be a bit of a mystery. Who’s going to answer my calls? How are they going to answer my customer’s inquiries? What tasks can a virtual live receptionist service handle on my behalf? Here’s a quick roundup of 10 facts that’ll help you hire the best answering service for
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#WorkHack: Keep Work at the Office and Out of Your Weekend
How many times a week do you call home to let your family know that you’re going to have to stay late at the office? How often are your weekends ruined because you decided to take work home with you instead of spending quality time with your friends and love ones? If you’re trying to
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15 Signs Your Business is Ready to Hire a Live Answering Service
Our live answering service has the pleasure of handling the business lines for just about every profession and industry out there. We answer calls on behalf of doctors, electricians, realtors, restaurants and niche businesses (like hot air balloon rides).  For over 30 years we’ve offered highly skilled virtual receptionists to help business owners run their companies more
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5 Ways to Conduct Successful and Effective Meetings
Do you think all of your business meetings are as successful as you’d hope them to be? Inc. Magazine recently shared a stunning statistic that may burst your bubble, “Today’s office professionals not only hate meetings—46% think at least some of the meetings they attend are a waste of time.” When a meeting is not properly scheduled
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How an Appointment Scheduling Service Can Make Your Life Easier
In order to be the most successful business owner possible, you’ve got to start finding ways to make your life easier. Entrepreneurship isn’t as glamorous as most people think; especially when you’re just starting out and don’t have a support team. As a business owner, you can be tied to your desk 12 or more
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