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Entrepreneur Advice: Learning From Your Failures
Being an entrepreneur will have its many ups and downs especially at the very beginning of your business startup. You’ll likely question your sanity most days and may feel like giving up more times than you will want to admit. However, you are not alone. Even the most successful entrepreneurs have had their struggles along
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5 Scientific Reasons Why Successful Entrepreneurs Read Every Day
What do most wealthy and successful people have in common besides a large account balance? They all understand the benefits of devoting time to reading and learning new things. Take a look at the top 5 scientific reasons why successful entrepreneurs read as much as possible.   Why do successful entrepreneurs read?  1. Can reading really make
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5 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Save Money by Outsourcing Business Calls
Entrepreneurs are constantly trying to keep their overhead costs and operational expenses as low as possible. In this article, our digital call center shows you how you can save money by outsourcing business calls.   Saving Money by Outsourcing Business Calls 1. Electronic communication saves your business money. Our virtual receptionists are very green in that
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7 Movies on Netflix That’ll Inspire Any Entrepreneur to Work Harder
Atychiphobia got you down? Kakorrhaphiophobia stunting the success and growth of your business? Although both of these words are intimidating, they can be defined quite simply. They describe individuals that have a fear of failure and rejection. We all feel that self-doubt but it’s important to push past these fears; especially if you’re a business
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Startup Business Advice: Survive the Startup Failure Rate and Build a Business That Lasts
We’re in the Entrepreneurial Renaissance Age and business startups quickly rise and unfortunately drop just as fast. In their most recent report, the Small Business Association advised that 78.5% of new establishments survived their first year in the United States. And that’s just the survival rate; most new companies don’t turn a profit quickly. For
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