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Ensuring Customer Satisfaction: 10 Rules Our Virtual Receptionists Must Follow
We love giving everyone a behind the scenes look into our digital call center. Today, we showcase the top 10 rules our virtual receptionist team must follow when handling the telephone communications for businesses nationwide. Read on to learn about our top rules that help us in ensuring customer satisfaction with our customers’ customers. Perhaps some of
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Find an Answering Service That Delivers Holiday Cheer to Your Customers
In 2015, Americans spent approximately $630 billion dollars during the holiday shopping season. The holiday rush begins with Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday, but 67% of consumers admit to starting their holiday shopping in December.  With shopping statistics like these, it’s no wonder business owners see a dramatic spike in sales the last month of the
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You Can’t Rely On Your Website to Give Excellent Customer Service and Here’s Why
Not only are you a business owner, but you’re a customer too; a customer to other businesses. Just like your customers, you conduct your own research before committing to buying a particular product or service. But what happens when you can’t find what you’re looking for? If you’re like the majority of consumers, you get
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Customer Service Hall of Fame: How 5 Companies Deliver Excellent Customer Service
Providing excellent customer service can be an extremely large project to undertake. Sure, you want to give great service that meets the expectations of your customers, but in today’s day and age, is meeting their expectations enough? In this very special article, we’re showcasing 5 very different companies that are making waves when it comes to providing
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B2B Customer Service Tips: 5 Ways to Deliver Impressive After-Sale Service
When you’re a business that caters to other businesses, you have a very unique ability to create powerful and long-term relationships. By relating to your customers on an entrepreneurial level, you can encourage a more intimate and lasting connection. We want to help you learn how to give your customers that extra special attention that
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