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Pay It Forward: 5 Creative Ways to Encourage Employee Volunteering
If you ask your employees if they’d like to volunteer, chances are, the majority of them won’t show any interest to your broad question. To really engage your employees and foster a group attitude towards volunteerism, you have to get creative with your approach.  In our recent article, Why Your Small Business Should Embrace Employee Volunteering,
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Why Your Small Business Should Embrace Employee Volunteering
We all know that on a personal level, we should try and give back to our communities in any way we can. Have you considered bringing those same volunteering efforts to your business? There are numerous ways that helping others can also help your business simultaneously.  In this article we want to focus on why employee
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Give Back to Your Community and Reap the Health Benefits of Volunteering
With headquarters located in Orlando, our team is known in the Central Florida community for our volunteer efforts. So when our virtual receptionist team is not answering your business’s telephone calls, we’re out volunteering and giving back to our community. Did you know that there are specific health benefits of volunteering? We get that warm, fuzzy
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5 Reasons We’re the Best Answering Service for Non-Profits
In case you weren’t aware, the telecommunication’s industry is an extremely competitive industry. A Courteous Communications has outlasted hundreds of our competitors for the past 30 years because we provide the best answering services possible at the lowest possible rates. Today we want to showcase the top reasons we are the best answering service for non-profits specifically.
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Our 24 Hour Call Center Spotlights Orlando Charities We Volunteer For
The A Courteous Communications’ team loves to give back to the community by volunteering as much as we can. Our 24 hour call center enjoys spending the day packing food to be delivered to hungry children; serving at a local soup kitchen; and even dressing up to attend charity events to give all we can. Since our
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