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5 Reasons We’re the Best Answering Service for Non-Profits

5 Reasons We’re the Best Answering Service for Non-Profits

In case you weren’t aware, the telecommunication’s industry is an extremely competitive industry. A Courteous Communications has outlasted hundreds of our competitors for the past 30 years because we provide the best answering services possible at the lowest possible rates. Today we want to showcase the top reasons we are the best answering service for non-profits specifically.

If you’re shopping around for your charitable organization’s next digital call center, be sure the company you forward your calls to is able to offer all of the services listed below.   

The many benefits of our Answering Service for Non-profits 

1.) Affordable Virtual Receptionists

One of the main reasons companies outsource their incoming calls to an answering service is because virtual receptionists cost a fraction of what an in-house receptionist would cost. Here are a few facts about our basic answering service package

  • • Our services start at $19.95 per month with per call rates at $0.45 for each call.
  • • We can supply your non-profit with a unique 1(800) number for just $10.
  • • For $5 per month, we can email and/or text your messages directly to your smartphone.
  • • This starter package includes 50 free call transactions per month.
  • • Our virtual receptionists only bill for the calls we take on your behalf.
  • • We offer month-to-month services and don’t require long-term commitments.
  • • A Courteous Communications has been honored with many customer service awards.

#AnsweringServiceTip: It’s important that you find an affordable call center to handle your calls, but be careful not to give up quality because you’re on a tight budget. When performing your research to find a non- profit answering service, be sure to ask for samples or recordings to show the call center’s customer service standards. 

2.) 24/7 Phone Coverage for Your Non-Profit

Just like businesses for-profit need to be available to their customers 24 hours a day, you need to constantly be available to discuss your non-profit organization as well. You may think that your non-profit organization doesn’t have customers and as such, will have no need for customer service. But you’d be wrong to dismiss providing high customer service standards in your agency.

A non-profit organization cannot run without two important groups of individuals; those that fund the organization and those that receive benefits from the organization. Both groups of people should be looked at as customers that need friendly, helpful and informative service when they call your office.

Hire a 24-hour call center that realizes that your donors are customers of your non-profit organization. By providing courteous and helpful information to your calling donors, you are increasing the chances that they will donate time or money to your cause. Providing excellent customer service will also ensure that all calling donors get a great first impression of your charity. When you leave your callers with a great first impression you are giving them the incentive they need to discuss their experience in their inner circles; helping your organization gain more awareness.

Likewise, providing individuals in the community that receive your benefits with outstanding customer service will ensure that your non-profit is received as authentic, caring and sincere. Work around your callers’ schedules and provide phone coverage for your non-profit 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.   

3.) A Telephone Hotline for Volunteers

Does your non-profit require the help from volunteers? If you provide volunteer work that runs off of donated time, offer a telephone hotline to streamline all volunteer communications. Our virtual receptionists can also work as virtual schedulers and can secure volunteers needed for specific timeslots.

For example, say your non-profit sponsors a soup kitchen each week for community members in need. If you needed 5 sets of hands to prepare, serve and cleanup for the weekly event, we can help secure the volunteers needed for those tasks. When a person calls your volunteer telephone hotline and asks for available times they can assist with running your soup kitchen, we will schedule them during timeslots when they are most needed. Before each sponsored event, we can email you directly the contact information and timeslots for all scheduled volunteers.  

Our team can also provide detailed instructions or requirements to all callers looking to volunteer with your organization.

4.) Secure Donation Processing All Day, Every Day

Receiving donations is, or should be, one of your non-profit’s top priorities. With no money or goods donated, there is no way for you to help others in need. In a recent article published, 15 Techniques Used by Top Nonprofits to Boost Donor Acquisition, is it highly recommended that you simplify the process for receiving donations.

By giving your donators an easy 1(800) number to call and make donations, you are giving them an extremely simple step to give your charity money. In a world where digital identity and website hackers scare off potential donors, providing a phone number to call can also help your non-profit stand out as trustworthy and secure.

Let’s not forget, allowing your donators to give your charity money 24 hours a day, 7 days a week means more opportunities to collect. Give donators 24-hour access and the ability to fund your charity on their timetable to see an increase in your monthly donations.     

5.) Answering Your Organization’s FAQ’s

To survive another year, non-profit organizations require complete transparency, authenticity and trustworthiness. recently shared an article that lists the 50 Worst Charities in America. This horrifying article allows you to see why donors are becoming weary about donating to charities that are new or have lesser known names.

It is proven that having live telephone support brings trust to your company. To quote a recent article we shared, “Having a phone number does bring peace of mind to consumers and people you do business with. If, at the very least, it instills trust in your visitors and removes any ‘fly-by-night-operation’ fear they may have.”

Allow our award winning answering service for non-profits to greet your callers and answer any of their frequently asked questions. You will be giving your future donors information needed to assist in your charity’s mission, as well as showing that you are a non-profit organization they can trust.      

Our Answering Service for Non-profits Understands Charitable Organizations

Our answering service for non-profits will have a highly unique advantage above all other answering services out there. Here at A Courteous Communications, our team understands charitable organizations on a very personal level. Our virtual receptionists give back to the community in our spare time. To read more about the special organizations we volunteer for, please visit our blog here, and get to know the Orlando charities we regularly assist.

If you are interested in having our virtual receptionist team answer for your non-profit organization, please give us a call today at 1-800-785-6161 to speak with an account specialist. 

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