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Customer Service Tips: 10 Creative Ideas to Win Back a Lost Customer
All business owners know that devastating feeling of losing the business of a great customer. A recent survey shows us that 3 in 5 Americans would try a new brand or company for a better service experience. It may feel like there’s no stopping a customer from venturing out to your competition; losing them forever. Don’t give
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Social Media Marketing for Small Business: New Facebook Features You Need to Know in 2017
Facebook just released their financial results for 2016 to their shareholders. The popular social media website closes their final quarter with 1.23 billion daily visitors; you read that write, that’s a daily count. As Facebook continues to grow, all business owners must be mindful of the most recent and relevant updates. Here’s a compilation of the newest Facebook features
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Score Your Next Big Client by Using These 5 Creative Sales Proposal Hacks
In a perfect world, all business owners and sales teams would have their phones ringing off the hook from people wanting to buy what they’re selling. However, in the real world, you’re going to have to work really hard to find and earn new business opportunities.   If you’re looking for fresh and creative sales proposal
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7 Movies on Netflix That’ll Inspire Any Entrepreneur to Work Harder
Atychiphobia got you down? Kakorrhaphiophobia stunting the success and growth of your business? Although both of these words are intimidating, they can be defined quite simply. They describe individuals that have a fear of failure and rejection. We all feel that self-doubt but it’s important to push past these fears; especially if you’re a business
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Is Nepotism Bad for Business? The pros and cons of hiring family and friends.
Nepotism has been a hot topic these days with everything going on in the White House. But the truth is that nepotism has been a staple in countless political, religious and business decisions for centuries.  Is nepotism bad for business? Let’s closely examine nepotism in business to maximize on the pros of hiring family members, while
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