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What a Virtual Office Receptionist Can Do For Your Business

In a land of so many virtuals, it is not surprising that many startup businesses and small business entrepreneurs choose to begin their company as a virtual office. In this article, we will pick apart what a virtual office is and more importantly, what a virtual office receptionist can bring to your mobile company. Allow our 24 hour answering service to guide you through selecting a professional, friendly and helpful voice that is guaranteed to help your business grow.

Why a Virtual Office Receptionist is good for Business

What is a virtual office?

Virtual offices have so many attractive characteristics and cost-effective features that draw in startup businesses. With so many definitions out there to learn from, we wanted to break it down into these simple attributes. A virtual office:

  • •Duplicates all essential items that can be found in a standard business office.
  • •Makes all equipment that is used to perform daily tasks portable for travel.
  • •Allows a worker to create a business environment outside a physical office.

An ideal virtual office can describe a business that is available to run with three simple ingredients: Hard Work, a Mobile Phone and a Laptop. A 24 hour answering service can help you run your mobile office by providing customer service and telephone support around the clock.  

A virtual office receptionist keeps your business mobile. 

When you run a virtual office, your business is on the go and you need to keep up with it. Forwarding your calls to our team of professionals allow you to keep focused on the work it takes to run your business well. A live receptionist service will answer your calls 24 hours a day; help your callers with solutions to frequently asked questions; take detailed messages that you can retrieve at your convenience; schedule appointments on your calendar; and, dispatch emergency phone calls to you wherever you may be.  

Having someone answer your business lines means you have two more extra hands to help you make your business better and more successful. Hire a company like A Courteous Communications and you get more than two extra set of hands; you get an entire team of skilled professionals that have been answering phones since 1986. Be available to your consumers 24 hours a day and watch your customer reach and loyalty grow.

A virtual office receptionist gives you a professional image. 

Indulge us with your attention for a moment and imagine this scenario…

You just left the office of your 11 o’clock appointment and you are headed to a nearby restaurant for your scheduled lunch with a potential customer. You reach the parking lot of the restaurant fifteen minutes early. You planned to arrive early so that you could review your research and notes one last time before trying to seal the deal with your next customer. And then, your cellphone rings.

Since you are a business owner, you know that missing a phone call is like throwing away potential business. You answer the phone and speak with one of your current clients to discuss their non-emergency question for the next twenty minutes. You are now 5 minutes late to meet with your potential customer.

We guarantee, that if you had outsourced your phone calls to our live receptionist service, you would have never had to answer the incoming call in the first place and would have had time for a last-minute prep for your hot lead. Your calling client’s question would have either been answered, if possible, by your new virtual receptionist, or you would have had a text message waiting for you after lunch.           

A virtual office receptionist screens your calls. 

Never underestimate the power of having all information presented to you before having to provide your input, advice or next course of action. When you outsource your telephone calls, you are not only making your day more productive, you are also making it more organized and professional.

Having someone else answer your lines will give you a sense of having ESP. Your new telephone support team will take down the name, telephone number and reason for calling from all of your callers. When you call that customer back, you will greet them by their first name and give them your expert advice on their very specific question or concern. You leave that customer feeling satisfied in your expertise and knowledge.

This basic service can be as little as $10 per month. You can buy a cup of coffee from Starbucks two to three+ times a week or, you can invest that small amount into an answering service that has been winning customer service awards ever since opening in 1986.

You only pay for the calls we take. 

A basic virtual office answering service only charges you for the calls received and answered. This means, if your mobile office does not receive one incoming call all month, you will not get a bill for our live receptionist team being on 24 hour standby for your company. It’s that simple. You can also choose from two billing options: per call or time billing.

Click here to read, “What is the difference between time billing and per call billing rates?”

Our 24 hour answering service can work with your virtual office budget. Give us a call today or click here to request a custom rate for your mobile business.

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