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The many perks of our Call Center Services

The many perks of our Call Center Services

Taking advantage of inbound call center services for your business is an invaluable feature that frees up your busy work schedule. When you don’t have to worry about picking up that incoming phone call, you can attend to more important tasks that require your attention. With only 24 hours in one day, 8 of which are automatically reserved for sleeping, how is a small business owner supposed to get ahead? Let us share with you the details of how our call center services can give you more hours in a day. Read on and get ready to make magic happen by increasing your productivity in a single day.   

What our Call Center Services can do for you and your business

 24 Hour Customer Service

First and foremost, one of the best qualities of hiring an inbound call center is that you immediately become a 24 hour business. It’s as simple as hiring us today and getting a support team on your side tomorrow. How can this give you more hours in the day? Think about how much time you will save when you no longer have to:

  • • Answer the phone while in the middle of working on a specific task or project;
  • • Pick up phone calls before or after normal business hours;
  • • Check your business’s voicemails collected and create callback lists; or,
  • • Waste time answering frequently asked questions that administrative support could handle.

We think you will agree that if you tally up your daily telephone administrative tasks, you will see that by delegating to a team of virtual receptionists would give you more hours in the day.

Product or Technical Support

Our award winning answering service is an excellent option for e-commerce businesses that need product or technical telephone support. Allow our friendly team of virtual receptionists to answer your customers’ frequently asked product questions. Your time is valuable and so when you relieve yourself from constantly needing to be available for FAQ, you are going to see an increase in your productivity. Our call center services are 100% customizable and so you can even train us to be your technical support team by outlining frequently asked technical support questions. Give your callers the 24 hour customer service benefits they are becoming used to in this day and age.    

Hot Lead and Sales Call Handling

Have you ever missed a call from a hot lead or potential customer that cost you the sale? We understand how difficult it could be for a single person to be near their phone 24 hours a day. Our virtual receptionists have been standing by 365 days a year since 1986; we know how to be available at all times.

Allow us to start an emotional connection with your calling leads and potential customers all day, every day. When your business answers that incoming call after normal working hours, you are telling that lead they are important to you. So important in fact, that you are willing to give them options to get a hold of you 24 hours a day.

Give us your top three qualifying questions and we will help qualify your leads for you. Taking a potential customer through an initial questionnaire can take up a lot of your time. Allow us to free up that time in your day so you handle the more important jobs within your company.

When a lead meets your specific criteria, we can dispatch that call straight to your cellphone, wherever you may be.    

Billing and Payment Processing

That’s right; our call center services allow us to process your customer payment right over the phone and give them the security knowing that their personal information is protected. Whether the caller is looking to buy a specific product for the first time; or if they are current customers looking to pay an invoice, we can go ahead and accept payment 24 hours a day. This means that you or your accounting department can have more time to handle other pressing matters.

Allow us to take the time to assist your callers with their telephone payments.

Appointment Scheduling Services

Our state of the art technology allows our inbound call center to synch up to your business calendar and help manage your weekly schedule. All of our accounts that we answer for are 100% customizable and you can hand over all of your appointment scheduling needs with confidence.   

Just walk one of our account specialists through your calendar one time and allow us to train your new virtual receptionist team on your exact scheduling requirements and specifications. Tell us the days and times you are available for specific customers or meetings, and we will schedule those incoming callers accordingly.

Our calendar software allows us to email, text or call you when a new appointment has been scheduled on your calendar.    

Immediate Call and Message Patching 

All businesses have VIP callers or calls that they consider emergencies. Relay what constitutes an emergency or a VIP caller and we will make certain that you never miss an important call again.

Our virtual receptionist service dispatches emergency calls and messages for hospitals, after-hour service companies and many other businesses that require emergency call handling. We are fully trained and have been entrusted with emergency call handling for thirty years. Allow us to show you what it feels like to not have your cellphone go off in the middle of the night for anything short of an emergency.    

Give yourself more hours in the day with our Call Center Services

 Give yourself permission to delegate administrative tasks and call handling duties to our professional and award winning call center services and see how we can free up your time. Call 1-800-785-6161 and speak with an account specialist to discuss our custom services and rates.

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