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State of the Art Call Center: Our Technology and In-House IT Department

State of the Art Call Center: Our Technology and In-House IT Department

State of the Art Call Center:  Our Technology and In-House IT Department 

Some of you may think that all a virtual receptionist needs is a telephone and a computer to start taking calls and shooting off messages. Some business answering services might skirt around explaining the technology and IT solutions they provide but we love educating business owners about our state of the art call center. In this article, we want to showcase some or our telephone answering service technology, programs and software that allow us to be an extension of your office.

Number One Priority for an eCommerce Call Center

The scariest sentence an answering service can ever say in their operator room is: “Our lines are down.” An interruption in service for an answering service is comparable to a surgeon ready to perform a procedure and realizing they don’t have a scalpel.

Here at A Courteous Communications, not only do we have state of the art technology that guarantees 99% uptime, we also have backup generators in place just in case that scary 1% threat ever decides to rear its ugly head. We love sharing with new customers that our eCommerce call center, that has been answering calls for 30 years, has never experienced a service interruption; like, never-ever.      

Shopping for a virtual customer service department? Your first question should be is, “How often does your call center experience downtime?” 

We Are a Cloud Based Answering Service

Since first opening in 1986, A Courteous Communications continues to be a leader in the telephone answering service industry by constantly updating our systems, equipment and programs. We are happy to share that our state of the art call center features cloud based answering services for our happy customers.

It is predicted that by the year 2020, the cloud computing market will generate an impressive 270 billion dollars. As described in a recent article, “Why 2015 Will Be the Year that the Cloud Comes Of Age,” cloud based systems now have been on the seen for a decade and research data shows three top reasons cloud computing is helping companies evolve:

  1. 1. The cloud levels the playing field between enterprise giants and small ventures.
  1. 2. The cloud simplifies information exchanges.
  1. 3. The cloud allows higher levels of support and security.

Click here to learn more key statistics of cloud computing.

Software Needed for a Full Service eCommerce Call Center

There are dozens upon dozens of software programs that allow us to act as an extension of your office. Here are just some of the programs that our virtual customer service department uses on a daily basis to serve you:

  • • Call Patching Software

In our industry lingo, it’s called patching a phone call. In basic terms, call patching is when a call is transferred, relayed or forwarded to you by one of your virtual receptionists. It’s an amazing service that allows us to connect you to important callers just as quick and easily as if you had answered the call yourself.    

  • • Data Entry/Message Form Program

This program allows our team to easily take detailed information from your calling customers. This fantastic feature also allows us to keep your callers’ confidential data in an organized and efficient form for immediate delivery to you. 

  • • Dispatch Agent Software

For our clients that require our special dispatching unit within our eCommerce call center, we have intelligent dispatching software. This incredibly helpful feature allows us to customize and control how calls are dispatched and how messaging information is presented to the service technicians.   

  • • Appointment Scheduling Capabilities

Taking our call answering services a step further, our virtual receptionists are able to also act as your business’s virtual scheduling assistants. Our systems allow us to synch up to your calendar and schedule your appointments in real-time. All appointments scheduled or canceled by your virtual assistant are delivered to you immediately after the update is made. 

  • • Call Monitoring and Recording Capabilities

A key feature of our eCommerce call center is our ability to record and monitor calls received on behalf of your office. We use these programs to constantly monitor the call between your customers and our virtual receptionist professionals. Call quality is our number one priority here at A Courteous Communications and performing quality control is a daily task of our supervisors.    

In-House IT Department and 24 Hour IT Support Team 

Answering telephone calls 24 hours a day requires that we have 24 hour IT telephone support for all of our equipment and services. We offer our in-house IT Department to all of our customers as a complimentary as-needed service and perk. Having internal IT technicians available allows us to make certain that our clients are able to call any time of day with immediate changes to their account or services.  

Want to talk to our state of the art call center?

First, let’s start you off with a free conversation with one of our account specialists to discuss our state of the art call center prices and custom features. Give us a call today at 1 (800) 785-6161 for your free consultation and start learning more about how our up-to-date and innovative answering service technology can make your business more efficient. 

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