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Overflow answering service – Does your business need one?

Overflow answering service – Does your business need one? So your company already has an internal on-site receptionist, but how can you benefit from a virtual receptionist taking your overflow calls? Read on to learn what exactly an overflow answering service can do for your business.

Let us start off by asking you a general question. What do you do, personally, if you call a business or office and you receive a voicemail or a busy tone? Besides being frustrated, would you:

a) Go to the next company in line in your Google search results; or,

b) Would you put off the call and try again later at a more convenient time for the company you are calling?

Chances are you’re like 86% of Americans that will hang up and call a competitor’s office because you need an answer on your time schedule and not the other way around.

Here is a more direct question. How many calls did your receptionist miss today and what did those calls cost you?

A Courteous Communications telephone answering service has been providing highly trained, professional and friendly virtual receptionists since opening our doors to business owners in 1986. The beauty of our business telephone answering service is that we work as much or as little as you need us to. With our 24 hour telephone answering service, you forward your business telephone lines when you need the extra administrative assistance.

Overflow Answering Service and Virtual Receptionists

One of the business answering services we provide to our customers are our overflow virtual receptionists. This answering service is optimal if you have an internal receptionist already in place with multiple business lines. The way it works is as simple as can be. If your office receptionist is attending to a caller when another incoming call rings in, we setup an overflow line that rings directly to your extended administrative staff. Our virtual receptionists will then have the immediate opportunity to answer that incoming call and ensure:

✔ None of your potential or current customers will be placed on hold for an undetermined amount of time

✔ None of your callers will be forced to hang up and call a competitor when your staff cannot get to the phone in a timely manner.

✔ None of your consultations or appointments will have to be postponed in the scheduling process because your scheduling assistant is unavailable.

✔ No one on your staff will have to rush your calling customers off the phone to answer another incoming call.

Some of the businesses we answer for require the majority of their callers to leave a message for the professional; such as an attorney, accountant or doctor. By having an overflow virtual receptionist assisting you with your ringing business telephone lines, you can also opt to have our telephone agents take your customers’ messages and inquiries leaving your on-site support staff free to research and consult the answers with you at your convenience. Your internal receptionist can then call your customers back with an answer creating an efficient and consistent flow of customer service of incoming and outgoing assistance.

INCREASE Your Customer Service

Here at A Courteous Communications, we customize your telephone answering service accounts to your exact specifications and as such, we can create a system that makes “cents” for you. Don’t lose out on profits for something as little as not having adequate staffing on hand to handle your business telephone lines. Most of our business clients market their services and products so if you are paying to have that telephone ring, it makes sense to also invest in making sure that there is someone on staff and available to answer that telephone call during business hours and even after normal office hours.

DECREASE Your Down Time

You need to make sure that your business phone lines never experience any down time. If you provide 24/7 telephone support to your potential customers and current customers, it is a mathematical certainty that your sales and revenue will go up. Since you got rid of the downtime by hiring our experienced telephone answering service, you can now accept money, orders, etc. any time of day and even while you sleep.

If your receptionist is also your personal assistant or office manager, chances are they are not glued to the reception desk throughout their work day. From experience in speaking with our customers about their day-to-day operations, we realize that your receptionist will be walking about the office; greeting and attending to walk in customers and some even have the responsibility of payroll and other data entry tasks. With all of these duties on their plates, it may seem to them at times that answering the ringing telephone is the last item on the priority list.

As a savvy business owner, you should know the importance of never turning away a potential customer and you never know when they are calling so you must prepare your front of the house staff to be ready and able to assist when called upon; treating each call as potential money making business. So hopefully, you are now saying to yourself, “I need an answering service for overflow calls in my business!”

Our overflow call center is ready to help your business succeed!

Give us a call today and find out how we can take the stress of your busy business telephone lines off your thinly spread staff and into the hands of trained, professional virtual receptionists that are available to you through our 24 hour telephone answering service.

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